LCG Update on Russia and Prophecy


In its update read for yesterday, LCG had the following two items about Russia:

Russia Territory Expansion Continues. Russia continues to expand its territory and influence into satellite states of the former Soviet Union. It now maintains four separate air bases within Tajikistan and is planning for a fifth. Negotiations are underway between the Russian and Tajik governments to allow Russia “an open military contract with Tajikistan giving the Russian military the ability to move as if it were a domestic force—much like the relationship between Russia and Armenia.” In exchange, the Tajik government wants Russian protection for a new hydroelectric plant opposed by neighboring nations, which Tajikistan cannot protect by itself. This plant could cause a “water war” and ignite conflict with neighboring Uzbekistan (Stratfor, November 1, 2010). Bible prophecy predicts a major military offensive that will be launched towards the Holy Land from lands “north and east” of Jerusalem, immediately prior to Christ’s return (Daniel 11:44-45). This offensive will consist of the largest military force in human history—200 million men (Revelation 9:13-18). As for the nations that will make up this massive force, we should consider not only the most populous nations “north and east” of Jerusalem (China and India), but also those with the military capacity to pull off such an attack. Russia’s expanding military potential may contribute to the fulfillment of this sobering prophecy.

Hungry Animals Dig Up Cemetery. The densely wooded area of Russia’s Arctic Circle is home to a large population of bears. “Last summer was Russia’s hottest on record, with raging forest fires and droughts wiping out woodland and crops, forcing the bears to forage closer and closer to human settlements….” Two weeks ago, bears entered the village of Verkhnyaya Chova and began eating partially decomposed bodies in a local cemetery. “Encounters with bears in urban areas are not common in the sparsely populated region, but becoming more frequent, officials say.” One official noted, “Attacks on people by some of Russia’s 140,000 bears are on the rise nationwide, concentrated in the country’s Far East, where rampant fish poaching often forces the bears to seek other sources of food…” (Associated Press, October 28, 2010). Jesus foretold numerous events that “must come to pass” before He returns to this earth (Matthew 24:3-8). The book of Revelation describes a notorious black horse, “And power was given to them [Death and Hades] over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and by the beasts of the earth” (Revelation 6:8). As wars destroy the land and natural disasters ravage crops and food sources, even the animals are prophesied to rise up and destroy

Russia will have an end time role, but it is different than certain Protestants and Catholics tend to think.  And ultimately, every one in Russia will be called and most will be saved.

Two articles of related interest along those lines would include the following:

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Is Russia the King of the North? Some claim it is. But what does the Bible teach?

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