Sarkozy Wants Beast Power & Dollar Tanks

Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France
French President Nicolas Sarkozy


Although he did not identify it as the “Beast power”, notice what the outgoing EU president wants:

Sarkozy pleads for Europe of nations

EUobserver – Dec 16, 2008

STRASBOURG – Outgoing EU president Nicolas Sarkozy on Tuesday (16 December) pleaded for a Europe built on strong states as opposed to a federal Europe, arguing that all countries within the EU had the same rights, but maybe not the same responsibilities.

“We shall not build Europe without the [nation] states. As European as you may be, Europe is not the enemy of nations,” Mr Sarkozy told MEPs gathered for a plenary session in Strasbourg.

“Wanting to pass above the heads of those who have been elected in their countries, it is not a mistake, it is a fundamentalism… Wanting to build Europe against the [sovereignty of] nations would be a historical mistake,” he said in a speech presenting the outcomes of France’s six months at the EU helm…

More powers for the commission president

Mr Sarkozy also reiterated an argument he made last week about increasing the powers of the European Commission president.

The president should be “active, reactive and proactive,” said the French leader.

He also underlined that the bigger the commission gets, the stronger its president should be in order to boost his “harmonising role.”

In a series of concessions agreed by EU leaders last week in order to allow Dublin to make possible a second vote on the bloc’s Lisbon Treaty some time in the course of next year, they included a guarantee that each member state would keep a commissioner in future European Commissions – despite the document initially foreseeing a reduction of the size of the institution.

Now, the Bible shows that a strong King of the North will arise and lead the nations of Europe.  And it is clear that many wish for this to happen.  Nicolas Sarkozy seems to really want the European Union to have the power of the end-time Beast–though I suspect if he has any religious connotations to it, he (as a Catholic) is probably hoping for the prophesied French “Great Monarch” (who seems to be the same one that the Bible calls the Beast and the King of the North) to arise.

Nicolas Sarkozy has actually and specifically called for a stronger European military in the past (see France Wants Greater EU Military), and that certainly would be necessary for Europe to fulfill its prophesied role as the final Beast power.

Later in the news today (although the source has tomorrow’s USA date), the US dollar somewhat tanked:

Dollar Trades Near 13-Year Low Versus Yen on Near-Zero Fed Rate

Bloomberg – Dec 18, 2008  excerpt…

Dollar Index

“The market’s just been spooked,” said Lee Hardman, currency strategist at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Ltd. in London. “This has fueled concern that the Fed is going to ramp up the pace of printing money and that this will lead to higher inflation.”

The dollar traded at $1.4420 per euro at 7:08 a.m. in Tokyo, after falling as much as 3 percent to $1.4437, the weakest level since Sept. 29. It was the biggest intraday drop since the euro’s debut in 1999. The ICE’s Dollar Index, which tracks the greenback against the euro, the yen, the pound, the Canadian dollar, the Swiss franc and Sweden’s krona, fell 2.2 percent to 78.908 yesterday. The dollar has given back about half of a rally in which it increased 24 percent from a low of 71.314 on July 15 to 88.463 on Nov. 21.

This is a very much a panic exodus from the dollar,” said Brian Dolan, chief currency strategist at, a unit of online currency trading firm Gain Capital in Bedminster, New Jersey. “The primary reason is the Fed’s embrace of quantitative easing, in which they start printing dollars and start flooding the market with U.S. assets.”

The federal budget deficit widened last month to $164.4 billion compared with a gap of $98.2 billion in November a year earlier, the Treasury Department reported last week.

The USA’s plans to vastly increase debt are not being well received by many investors.

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