France Proclaims a ‘New World’ Financial Order

Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France
Nicolas Sarkozy


France’s President Sarkozy made a couple of interesting statements today:

Sarkozy Takes Over G-20 Aiming to `Update’ Monetary System
Bloomberg – Nov 12, 2010

Nicolas Sarkozy claimed his first victory as leader of the Group of 20 nations less than an hour after taking the reins from his South Korean counterpart, Lee Myung Bak. Source: Yonhap News via Bloomberg…

“It’s already a success that the G-20 agrees that the international monetary system is a problem,” Sarkozy said. “That wasn’t always the case.”…

Sarkozy’s questioning of the dollar’s dominant role is part of a French tradition dating back to the 1960s…

Sarkozy raised the issue of reducing the dollar’s role as a reserve currency at a G-20 meeting in Washington in 2008. “The euro doesn’t exist? The yuan doesn’t exist?” he asked. “At Bretton Woods, the U.S. was victorious, the only superpower, while Europe was in ruins. We are now in a new world.”

People around the world need to realize that a new world order is developing.  And those people who live in the US, UK, and other Anglo-descended lands need to realize that while they were on top of the current international monetary system, they will not be in this new one which is developing.

Europe and the Gentile nations are rising up.  The Anglo-nations are overall in decline.

The “new world” will go further than N. Sarkozy has publicly proposed.  Ultimately it will end up with European dominance and control combined with the elimination of the United States, the United Kingdom, and their Anglo-descended allies.

Many in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand may believe that because their economies seem to be in better shape than those of the USA and UK that they will  fair well, but this is not biblically prophesied to be the case.

The changes taking place in the international financial order are real.  There are happening now.  It will not be too much longer until there is a “new world financial order” that will dominate the world until Jesus returns.

And Jesus will return, and He will establish the real, and final, new world order.

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