France Selling Military Helicopters to Russia

Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France
Nicolas Sarkozy


France just made a military deal with Russia:

MOSCOW, Dec. 27 (UPI) — After long and arduous negotiations, Russia has decided to buy at least two of France’s Mistral-class helicopter carriers in an unprecedented military deal between the Kremlin and the West…

“It marks the first time in modern history that Russia has made such a major defense acquisition abroad, illuminating a fast-evolving relationship with former Cold War enemies,” The Washington Post reported…

Financial terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. Still, the sale signaled a triumph for French President Nicolas Sarkozy who pushed for the purchase to boost France’s sagging defense industry and rising unemployment rate.

Medvedev and French President Nicolas Sarkozy hail the realization of the unprecedented cooperation, which will benefit industry and employment in our two countries, and which illustrates the will and capacity in France and Russia to develop large-scale partnerships in all areas, including defense and security,” the Elysee said.

The world is changing.  The fact that Russia is being seen as a potentially significant help to the French economy and needs its military hardware is a sign of that change.

Europe and the Gentile nations are rising up.

Bible prophecy suggests that Russia will cooperate with the coming European beast power for a while, then once it realizes that it is not what it claims to be, Russia will turn on it.  Perhaps even with French military hardware.  The French may wish to ponder that.

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