Saudi Prince Nayef and the King of the South

جامعة الدول العربية
Jāmaʻat ad-Duwwal al-ʻArabiyya Arab League Flag


The situation in the Middle East may be affected by Prince Nayef of Saudi Arabia:

Prince Nayef may determine Saudi Arabia’s future

28 October 2011

Two views are emerging of Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, the new heir to Saudi Arabia’s octogenarian King Abdullah and possible future ruler of the world’s top oil exporter…

To Saudi liberals, he represents the stern face of the kingdom’s conservative establishment: opposed to any moves toward democracy or women’s rights, a supporter of the religious police and the head of an ministry that locks up political activists without charge.

But former diplomats, local journalists and other members of the ruling family who have dealt with the prince paint a softer portrait of a man who has been at the center of Saudi politics for more than three decades.

October 28, 2011 9:22 am

Prince Naif named Saudi crown prince

“Everybody is scared Saudi Arabia will go backward in western terms. I am not,’’ said Robert Lacey, author of Inside the Kingdom.

Obama congratulates new Saudi crown prince

Los Angeles Times – ‎28 October 2011 p.m.

President Obama congratulated King Abdullah and the people of Saudi Arabia on Friday on the selection of Prince Nayif ibn Abdulaziz as the heir to the Saudi throne, and expressed his intent to continue America’s partnership with Nayif…

The new Crown Prince seems to be a bit less of a modernist/secularist than the current King Abdullah.  Presuming he becomes king and stays in power long enough, Prince Nayef will likely be one who will directly and/or indirectly support the final King of the South (and there is a small possibility he could become such a leader).

As a general rule, the Arab League is made up of countries that are primarily Sunni Muslims, like Saudi Arabia.   Because of its oil reserves and money, Saudi Arabia has an influence disproportionate to the size of its population.

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