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Hiroshima After the Atomic Bomb Was Detonated


Not content to remain behind Iran, Saudi Arabia is moving forward with its own nuclear research:

Saudi Arabia to Create First Nuclear City in Kingdom
U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council – April 18, 2010
Saudi government officials recently announced plans to build the first ever peaceful nuclear energy program in the Kingdom.
Off to the races – Saudi Arabia to develop nuclear energy

Middle East Perspectives – April 17, 2010…

Saudi Arabia is looking across the Persian Gulf at what is likely the world’s next nuclear-armed nation. The Saudis, long-time American allies, are unsure of the direction of American foreign policy in the region and probably think they may need something to counter Iran’s accession as a regional power. A Saudi nuclear energy research and development center is the logical answer – after all, that’s how Iran’s program got started.

It would seem likely that some weapons technology will come out of this.  Some, believe, that even now Saudi Arabia indirectly at least has nuclear weapons (Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons, Saudi Arabia, and the King of the South).

But the reality is that they are working on developing nuclear technology now.

Since it appears that the final King of the South will be an Islamic power, it would seem reasonable that it would have some type of nuclear technology.  But not enough to eliminate the “King of the North” who will ultimately defeat the King of the South.  (Daniel 11:40-43)

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