Saudi’s Crown Prince Dies

جامعة الدول العربية
Jāmaʻat ad-Duwwal al-ʻArabiyya Arab League Flag


The situation in the Middle East may be affected by the death of Crown Prince Nayef of Saudi Arabia:

16 June 2012

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — The death of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdul-Aziz on Saturday means that — for the second time in less than a year — the key Western ally must pick an heir to the 88-year-old King Abdullah, who has already outlived two designated successors…

Saudi Arabia is the main Arab rival to Iran and is deeply worried about Tehran’s nuclear program. Iran insists it does not seek nuclear weapons, but Saudi officials and their Western allies fear Iran could seek a nuclear arsenal and significantly shift the balance of power in the region. One possible outcome could be a regional nuclear arms race with Saudi Arabia seeking atomic weapons.

Saudi Arabia is also facing Arab Spring-inspired internal pressures for political reforms and greater openness.

Presuming the next “Crown Prince” (probably Nayef’s brother, the 76-year-old Prince Salman) becomes king and stays in power long enough, he will likely be one who will directly and/or indirectly support the final King of the South (and there is a small possibility he could become such a leader–but at his age, this does not seem likely).

As a general rule, the Arab League is made up of countries that are primarily Sunni Muslims, like Saudi Arabia. Because of its oil reserves and money, Saudi Arabia has an influence disproportionate to the size of its population.  Hence, it will likely play certain important end time roles disproportionately higher than its population.

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