Spain Accepts Bailout, But Calls it a “Line of Credit” Instead

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COGwriter By Michael

Spain’s Prime Minister attempted to emphasize that they are not being bailed out as many assume; it’s really a “line of credit.”

Spain Accepts Bailout for Its Banks as Leader Warns of Tough Year Ahead
June 10, 2012

“Nobody pressured me, I was the one who pressured to get credit,” Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy [of Spain] said at a news conference here. The aid, worth up to €100 billion… for its cash-starved banks, is a deal, he said, that ensured “the credibility of the European project, the future of the euro, the solidity of our financial system and the possibility that credit will flow again.” …

Spain and its European partners still need to finalize in coming weeks the exact amount of the credit line, and any conditions attached to it.

The exact conditions tied to this deal are important to know. The article emphasized the importance of this deal — not only for Spain, but it also helps the future of the euro.

Here’s some of what I wrote yesterday regarding this deal:

By reading more into the 3 hour video conference that discussed Spain’s bailout, it brings up an interesting change. It appears that the eurozone is going to try to help but be less politically “controlling.” There’s still “strings attached.” However, because of the negative outlooks on Germany taking charge, this bailout may officially have less conditions for Spain.

Taking financial control, slowly and monetarily, is a peaceful move.

And in his place shall arise a vile person, to whom they will not give the honor of royalty; but he shall come in peaceably, and seize the kingdom by intrigue. (Daniel 11:21)

This is how a nation (lender) gains control (servants):

The rich rules over the poor,
And the borrower is servant to the lender. (Proverbs 22:7)

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