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In today’s, TW News & Prophecy E-Zine, the Living Church of God (LCG) reported the following two items about changes in Europe:

Winds of change continue blowing in Europe.

The last couple of weeks have been filled with anticipation and action across Europe. The Finnish parliament voted for a new prime minister, EU finance ministers approved a bailout package, EU leaders discussed the Greek debt situation–Greece is expected to need another bailout in the future–and the International Monetary Fund’s former head–until recently, a likely candidate for the French presidency–Dominique Strauss-Kahn, is now embroiled in a sex scandal.Next week, “Spain will hold regional and municipal elections. Polls also forecast a heavy defeat for the ruling Socialists throughout Spain”-which could lead to early elections. This could further destabilize a nation that many believe may be the next to request an economic bailout (, May 9, 2011).

Meanwhile, critics suggest Germany may be becoming ambivalent with its foreign policy (The Economist, May 12, 2011).

As the “iron and clay” mixture of European nations continues to solidify and then crack, students of Bible prophecy are reminded that God foretold these events long ago through Daniel (Daniel 2:33, 41-43). God also revealed that eventually “ten kings” will be of “one mind,” for a time, and give their power over to a central Beast power–an entity that will play a dominant role on the world stage for a short time and make war with the returning Christ (Revelation 17:12-14).

Rest assured that there is a God in heaven who will bring to pass what He has prophesied long ago!

EU debt crisis and the consolidation of power? A recent article in The Times (of London) read: “The bailouts don’t work but they do allow the EU to build up centralized power at the expense of nation states.” The author continued, “The political motivation for tightening the debt yoke on Greece, Ireland and Portugal is even clearer. By turning these countries into permanent debtors to the ECB [European Central Bank] and the various EU bailout funds, Brussels and Frankfurt are enormously increasing the power of centralized European institutions at the expense of nation states” (May 11, 2011).In a recent speech at Humboldt University in Berlin, Michel Barnier reiterated the need for a European president. He noted that for the EU to remain viable on the world scene in the years to come, European nations must also work to “combat nationalism” (, May 11, 2011).

Winston Churchill was right–“there IS a purpose being worked out here below.” God promised in regard to Daniel’s dream about the great image depicting world-ruling empires that would appear, “The dream is certain, and its interpretation is sure” (Daniel 2:45). A great Beast power will arise in Europe, and ten nations or “kingdoms” will give their power (surrender their sovereignty) to it at some point in the future (see Revelation 17).

The events now taking place throughout Europe are all for a purpose. They will eventually lead to the creation of the Beast power prophesied to arise in Europe. For more information on this fascinating topic, please review our free booklet, The Beast of Revelation.

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EU politicians and institutions are intent on making a real empire.  Just like some American politicians, they do not wish to “waste a crisis”.   Instead, they are moving forward to fulfill biblical prophecy.  The “beast-power” is being formed in the 21st century–the final King of the North will soon rise up and be revealed.

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