UK Debt to Pass Greece, USA Debt Affecting Military

Palace of Westminster in London


Greece is apparently about to be passed by the United Kingdom as Europe’s biggest percentile debtor:

UK budget deficit ‘to surpass Greece’s as worst in EU’
European commission’s spring forecasts put UK budget deficit this year at 12% of GDP – the highest in the European Union and worse than Treasury estimates
Guardian – May 5, 2010

Debt impacts many things.  And more than just Thursday’s elections in Britain.

Furthermore, the USA government is apparently planning on more military cuts partially due to its revised world view as well as its debt levels:

U.S. Must Rethink Expensive Warships, Carriers
Defense News – May 3, 2010

Pentagon and naval officials must decide whether to keep buying multibillion-dollar warships, since the Navy’s shipbuilding budget is unlikely to grow amid economic uncertainty and two wars, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said May 3.

The USA, UK, and their Anglo-allies are setting themselves up for a massive fall.

It will be worse than almost any one in those nations has ever imagined.

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