UK’s Defence Cuts

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Back in July, I posted an article where one prominent Brit, its Defence Secretary Liam Fox, warned that the United Kingdom no longer had “the cash to defend itself from every threat” (Britain Admits it Cannot Afford to Defend Itself).

Now, Britain is taking additional steps to reduce its defense spending:

Defence spending: thousands of troops to be cut
Tens of thousands of soldiers, sailors and airmen face the axe after ministers concluded that reducing the number of uniformed personnel in the Armed Forces was the best way to save money.

Catapult system among plans to cut cost of aircraft carriers…

Defence chiefs are considering drastically scaling back plans to build two aircraft carriers, as part of the biggest squeeze on military spending since the cold war.  Guardian – September 12, 2010

Not too surprisingly, this has upset the USA:

U.S. worries about UK defense cuts.

The Pentagon has told senior UK officials that the deep cuts planned in the UK to the defense budget could threaten the supposed special relationship between the UK and the U.S. AllVoices – September 13, 2010

Pentagon Warns Britain Not to Cut Military Spending

US Warns Military Cuts Could Harm ‘Special Relationship’ September 12, 2010

Now, it should be pointed out that the USA also does not have “the cash to defend itself from every threat”, and this is one reason why the British defense cuts are upsetting to the USA.  The USA itself is so strapped for cash that not only does it depends on potential enemies like China to fund its economy, it announced that it would rely on Europe’s upcoming Galileo system for part of its satellite defense (see USA GPS and EU Galileo linking was expected).

The USA’s Defense Secretary, like the UK, has made major proposals to cut the USA’s defense spending (UK Debt to Pass Greece, USA Debt Affecting Military).  Perhaps the USA was planning on the UK not doing that as well, but since both nations are essentially bankrupt (the USA has the most debt of any nation in the history of humankind, while the UK has close to the highest per capita debt of any nation on the planet), what would the USA expect that the UK would do?

The other Anglo-nations also have defense spending quandaries of their own.  Australia concluded years ago that without a connection to the USA that it could not defend itself against potential aggressors in Asia.  New Zealand simply cannot defend itself if even a medium-ranked military power wanted to take it over.  And Canada is so tied to the USA that once the USA falls, Canada will not be far behind.

Without national repentance, the Bible shows that these nations are doomed, will be conquered, no longer be the nations that they were, and have their lands divided.  Weakening of their defense spending positions will simply make this easier for their conquerors.

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