Ukraine still having protests–Russia wants outsiders to stay out of this

Kiev, Capital of Ukraine


Many in the Ukraine want to be part of the European Union, others are opposed, and Russia seems to wish to consider this to be mainly an issue for it:

January 21, 2014

Russia is urging European governments to stay out of the Ukrainian political crisis.

Anti-government demonstrators battled police overnight. Government calls for compromise are going unanswered.

The political street violence in Kiev has been going on for a couple of months. And while the crowd sizes haven’t reached the critical mass that can lead to upheaval, the levels of violence in the last few days may be pushing Ukraine’s standoff toward some sort of tipping point…

Demonstrators have used whatever weaponry they can get their hands on…It wasn’t a mass protest involving tens of thousands. It’s down to a hard core of several hundred protestors. Very determined protestors. And they’ve been carrying the battle.  Police have been firing back with rubber bullets…The European Union has called on Ukraine to rescind its anti-protest legislation. Russia has told the Europeans to mind their own business, and everyone is worried this could spin even further out of control.

January 21, 2014

Clashes between anti-government protesters and police continued for a third day on Tuesday in Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv.

Protesters hurled projectiles at police officers, who retaliated with rubber bullets. Video footage shows the two sides facing off on either side of the burned-out shell of a vehicle…

Ukrainian officials said Monday that more than 200 people, about half of them protesters, had been injured in the clashes, which began Sunday after more than 100,000 anti-government demonstrators rallied in Kyiv against new laws restricting protests. There are no estimates yet on Tuesday’s injuries.

Opposition leader Vitaly Klitschko pleaded with the crowd Sunday to avoid violence, but was sprayed in the face with a fire extinguisher and shouted down.

There are two regions and two clashing attitudes in Ukraine.  Perhaps there could be a split there.

Both Russia and the European Union are truly interested in Ukraine, so there is interest from the East and West.  Ukrainians, like many others, are impressed with economic interests. The EU is more economically impressive than Russia or Russia’s agreed to Eurasian Union is.

As I have mentioned before, in the Book of Daniel, it is prophesied that a little horn would develop and would mainly expand South and East into what apparently is becoming a European entity (Daniel 8:9-12). Ukraine is south and mainly east of the nations that once were part of Benelux–the ‘entity’ that eventually grew into the European Union. So Ukraine, for a while at least, may end up supporting Europe–though that is not certain.

Yet ultimately, at least part of the destruction of the Babylonian European power will come from forces associated with Russia (Jeremiah 50:41-43) and will likely involve Ukraine. Most of the Ukrainians are Eastern or Russian Orthodox, which makes them closer (in professed religion at least) to the Russians that the Western Europeans–though many of the Eastern Europeans have some version of the Eastern Orthodox faith.

There still is a divide in Ukraine.  Overall, unless it actually splits, I believe that ultimately Ukraine will side with Russia (see Russia and Ukraine: Origins and Prophesied Future), even though it may support the EU in the future for a time.

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