Some support in Georgia for Eurasian Union

Tbilisi Capital of Georgia (Vladimer Shioshvili)


Some in the nation of Georgia are interested in the Eurasian Union:

For the Eastern Partnership countries, the Vilnius Summit will be a very important event. For Georgia it is particularly crucial…there are a few politically-oriented NGOs who actively promote the idea of joining the Eurasian Union. They recommend holding a referendum to let the voters decide.

These forces believe that Eurasian Union membership will provide a solution to Georgia’s economic problems, as well as a precondition for restoring the country’s territorial integrity. These people have a short memory. They should recall that when in 2008 Georgia faced a military assault from Russia, both countries were the members of the Commonwealth of Independence States (CIS).

When coalition leader Bidzina Ivanishvili entered politics, he promised to lead the country towards the West, but at the same time he aimed to regulate relations with Russia. Let us see how it works.

I have reported about some possible interest in the Eurasian Union by Georgia in the past (Eurasian Union growing: Even Georgian Prime Minister looking).  Georgia has a presidential election on October 27th and one or more candidates seems to have some interest in the Eurasian Union.

Because of past Russian incursions and interests associated with Georgia (e.g. Russia May Annex South Georgia and Sell Oil to the East), many in Georgia are concerned about becoming part of the Eurasian Union that Russia is leading.  Some in Georgia believe that they need to turn towards the West and the European Union.  Others have doubts that the European Union would want Georgia for a while and suspect that economically, the Eurasian Union is a much better interim solution.

A powerful union is rising up in Europe.  For a while, the world will cooperate with it, but it will fall (Revelation 18).  Part of the destruction of the Babylonian European power will come from forces associated with Russia (Jeremiah 50:41-43).  And Georgia, eventually, will likely align with Russia.

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