Armenia votes to join Putin’s Eurasian Union

Yerevan, Armenia (Սէրուժ Ուրիշեան)


The government in Armenia voted to join the upcoming Eurasian Union:

December 5, 2014

Armenia has sealed its Russia-deal, cinching its choice of the Russian-led EU over the EU proper, but is not entirely happy about it.

By a 103-7 vote, the National Assembly on December 4 endorsed Armenia’s long-expected accession to the Eurasian Union, but even some of the lawmakers who pressed the yes-button think that it was Armenia’s unfortunate fate that brought the Caucasus country to this junction.

“It is better to be under the Russian yoke,” reasoned MP Mher Sadrakian of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia, echoing other lawmakers’ views that alliance with Russia is a necessary evil. “Our people always have been under a foreign yoke,” Sadrakian went on saying, RFE/RL reported. “We are used to someone standing above us… the Persians, the Turks, the Russians… “

Without Russia, Armenia would not have “conquered” predominantly ethnic-Armenian Nagorno Karabakh, claimed by Azerbaijan, he continued. “Without them [the Russians], they will devour us,” Sadrakian said in reference to Azerbaijan and its longtime ally, Turkey. …

The Armenian government says that accession to the Union will ease access to the Russian market, the main outlet for Armenian goods.

Many observers agree that membership in the Eurasian Union makes economic sense for Armenia, but they also see potential issues. The weakening of the Russian economy, now under siege by Western sanctions over Ukraine, will ripple through Armenia, one observer Karen Kocharian told Kavkazsky Uzel website. That threat, though, would exist whether or not Armenia signed on with Russia’s Eurasian Union, he noted.

December 04, 2014

YEREVAN — The Armenian parliament has overwhelmingly passed a treaty to join the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union. …

Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian signed an agreement to join the group in October at a ceremony in Minsk.

Armenia is set to join Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan in the economic grouping when it comes into force on January 1.

The Eurasian Union (EAU) is also known as the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU).

Russia has wanted Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia to also be part of its Eurasian Union, which officially begins on January 1, 2015. While many in Eastern Ukraine, parts of Moldova, and parts of Georgia would prefer to be part the Eurasian Union, for many reasons, others prefer closer ties with the European Union.

Because of geography, the relative weakness of its military, its fear of other enemies, and certain economic realities, Armenia has chosen to be part of the Eurasian Union.  The Bible tells of a time of a militaristic power that will be a confederation of peoples from the north and east, meaning Russia, parts of Europe, and much of Asia.

As I wrote in the past, places like Armenia (called Ararat below) are prophesied to be involved with the Northern power (king of the Medes below):

27 Set up a banner in the land, Blow the trumpet among the nations! Prepare the nations against her, Call the kingdoms together against her: Ararat, Minni, and Ashkenaz. Appoint a general against her; Cause the horses to come up like the bristling locusts. 28 Prepare against her the nations, With the kings of the Medes, Its governors and all its rulers, All the land of his dominion. 29 And the land will tremble and sorrow; For every purpose of the Lord shall be performed against Babylon, To make the land of Babylon a desolation without inhabitant. (Jeremiah 51:27-29)

The decision that Armenia has made indicates that it will be part of that in the end.  But it will not turn out well for those participating in it militarily (Revelation 19).

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