Australia and California take steps to increase vaccinations


A supporter in Australia tipped me off to the following:

April 13, 2015

(CNN) Parents who refuse to vaccinate their children can lose up to $11,000 of welfare benefits a year under a new government policy, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has announced.

Currently parents can choose to opt out of vaccinations for medical or religious reasons, or by stating they are “conscientious objectors,” and still receive taxpayer funded child care benefits.

Under the new “no jab, no pay” policy, the exemption as a conscientious objector will be removed starting January 2016.

“The choice made by families not to immunize their children is not supported by public policy or medical research nor should such action be supported by taxpayers in the form of child care payments,” said Abbott in a joint statement with Social Services Minister, Scott Morrison. …

Existing exemptions on medical or religious grounds will continue said Abbott, but guidelines on religious exemptions will be tightened.

“It requires the formal position of that religious body being advised to the government and approved by the government. This is a very significant narrowing,” Morrison told reporters in Sydney on Sunday.

He added that no mainstream religious organizations have made any formal objection to immunizations.

So, there still will an allowance for some religious objections, but this will be complicated by the government requiring paperwork and its assessment of the religious objection.

In the State of California, there is a bill that was passed by its Senate last week that will attempt to stop children from attending school if they have not been vaccinated:

April 9, 2015

SACRAMENTO — Unswayed by a relentless parade of opposition, a key Senate panel on Wednesday passed a bill that would strengthen California’s vaccination requirements, capping an emotional hearing that marked the beginning of a battle over what has become Sacramento’s most contentious issue this year.

For more than 11/2 hours, an extraordinary wave of parents and children from across the state crept one by one to a microphone to implore the Senate Health Committee to kill the legislation they insist violates parents’ rights and puts their children at risk. …

Senate Bill 277 would require that only children who have been immunized for various diseases, including measles and whooping cough, be admitted to school in California. Only medical exemptions would be allowed. The bill also would require schools to notify parents of immunization rates at their children’s schools.

Having visited the California Senate and witnessing how the committee meetings go, let me simply state that senators often vote based upon the groups that donate the most money to their campaigns.  Which, in the case of those on the Senate Health Committee would tend to include the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry.

California also changed its vaccination policy a little while back and now REQUIRES parents who have not had their children vaccinated be counseled by a doctor and provide a signed note in order to allow them to enter school.  This was not ‘retroactive’ as far as I can tell as we have not been required to provide such a note for our one child who still attends high school.

My wife and I did not vaccinate any of our three children. Nor have she or I had any vaccines in adulthood despite traveling to various countries around the world.

Am I saying that all vaccinations are necessarily wrong?


But I also do not believe that one must expose oneself or ones’ children to the pathogens and other elements involved with vaccines. Nor do I believe that vaccines should be mandated to parents. Consider also:

Are the vaccinated more likely to develop issues like asthma? According to at least one report from a pro-vaccine source I saw, the answer is yes.

Are vaccines proliferating? Yes.

About 90 years ago, early natural health proponents warned that the time would come when there were not just a few vaccines, but that there would be scores of them. That has happened.

All that being said, let me state that I believe that both the pro-vaccine crowd and the anti-vaccine crowd have used misleading information and misused statistics to attempt to prove their position.

The late Garner Ted Armstrong wrote the following in a letter dated August 17, 1962 on behalf of the Radio Church of God:



Broadcasting The WORLD TOMORROW
Publishers of The PLAIN TRUTH

August 17, 1962

Mr. Mason Reardon, Chairman
Sabin Oral Polio Vaccination Committee
P. O, Box 254
Gilmer, Texas

Dear Sir:

Pursuant to your letter of August 10, I would like to state briefly our position regarding the Administering of oral or other vaccines.

As you may know, we do believe thoroughly in the Bible doctrine of Divine Healing. We are not, however, a Church that unduly emphasizes healing, nor do we make it a primary part of our message to the world in our world-wide evangelistic effort.

Privately, however, and as a Church, we encourage members to trust in God for their protection and their healing should sickness or disease occur. If a member is weak in faith, there is no arbitrary decision made for him, nor is there coercion by any member of the Church upon any other member as to whether he seeks the aid of organized medicine.

We have in our possession, gathered by our world-wide news bureau, with wire services directly into Ambassador College campus, thick sheafs of statistical evidence which completely render as false some of the claims connected with the sabin oral vaccine. What is considered “satisfactory results” with this vaccine?…

The doctors have plainly said that vaccinated persons pose far more threat to UNvaccinated persons so far as possible carriers of the disease is concerned. Therefore, the people of Big Sandy will have nothing to fear whatsoever from our un-vaccinated Church members. We cannot recommend to our Church members that they join in the vaccination program.

The old Radio Church of God also published the following:

One doctor states that polio is caused by a weakened physical constitution and that health-promoting foods can prevent polio completely. Children who indulge in soft drinks (especially “colas”), candy, over-sweetened and refined, starchy foods, are the greatest sufferers of polio. POLIO IS UNKNOWN in countries where people live on NATURAL foods — raw milk, whole-grain cereals, fruits and vegetables — and do not have our refined, devitalized, demineralized foods, candies and soft drinks. …

The main diet of many people, especially children, in summer (the polio season) consists of colas, soft drinks, candy, hot dogs, hamburgers and ice cream. If we would replace this “junk” with substantial meals of fresh fruits, melons, milk, vegetables and protein foods (meat, fish, poultry and eggs), then we would have greater resistance to polio and other diseases. Also, there would be almost no tooth decay. Vaccination does not eliminate the CAUSE of disease — that of WRONG LIVING HABITS! Disease is caused by wrong eating, living and thinking! Our WAY OF LIFE must be changed in order to eliminate sickness and disease. This can only be done by following the principles of life — the basic laws of health — given by our Creator in His Word, the Bible.(Boraker R.The TRUTH About DRUGS and VACCINES. Good News, August 1961)

People should eat what is good (Isaiah 55:2) and try to live in accordance with God’s laws of health.

Let’s all remember that Jesus said that a time of pestilences would come (Matthew 24:7-8). Vaccines will NOT stop this from happening, and could possibly make it worse.  In an old radio broadcast, the late Herbert W. Armstrong stated:

Jesus said in Matthew 24, and speaking in verse 8 of the pestilence and of the famine that is to come; and we’re getting a foretaste of it and there is a terrific national drought coming that will be accompanied by such disease epidemics that one third of our people are going to drop dead; and in spite of all polio vaccines and everything of the kind my friends, things are coming that doctors will never know anything about or be able to cope with. It is in your Bible.

Vaccines are not going to save society.  The late Ernest Martin wrote:

Leading doctors have warned that there is no substitute for clean living – that drugs cannot nullify the damage done by wanton breaking of all health laws – and that wholesale vaccinations can weaken man’s overall natural resistance to disease. But as long as we appear to be well, almost no one gives these warnings a second thought.(Martin E. Will we ever learns? Plain Truth, August 1965)

Turning from sin, eating only what is good, and obeying sanitary principles in the Bible are more effective than vaccines.  But most political leaders will not truly advocate all of that.  Actually, politicians like now declared presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, have claimed that giving vaccinations is one of the most important things parents can do.  The Bible says that teaching God’s ways, commandments, and judgments are what is important for parents to do.  Most politicians do not believe that.

Australia, parts of the U.S.A., and other lands are likely taking bigger risks mandating vaccines than the proponents realize.

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