Burqa Banning in Belgium, Italy, France, and Australia

Two Women Wearing Burqas


Belgium has banned the burqa (sometimes spelled burka) and others seem to want to do the same though it causes civil rights concerns:

Australian lawmaker stirs burqa controversy

2010-05-08 16:30

SYDNEY, May 8 (AFP) – An Australian politican’s call to ban the burqa “for safety” following an armed robbery by a bandit wearing the Islamic veil has triggered heated public debate following similar moves in Europe.


Belgium’s burqa ban opens a racial pandora’s box

Supporters say it bolsters public safety and champions women’s rights. Critics call it another crack in an anti-Muslim divide across Europe.

May 07 2010

…Belgium made history last month when it became the first European nation to ban in public spaces full-face coverings that makes identification impossible. It’s a decision that effectively makes it illegal to wear a burka, or other Islamic dress that covers the face.   http://www.thestar.com/news/world/article/806587–belgium-s-burqa-ban-opens-a-racial-pandora-s-box?bn=1

Muslim woman fined for wearing burqa in northern Italy

Tunisian given on-the-spot fine of €500 under terrorism laws in Novara, run by anti-immigration Northern League…

In what is reported to be the first such case amid proposals for sanctions against traditional Islamic dress in a series of European countries, the 26-year-old Tunisian woman was stopped by police in the city of Novara, a stronghold of the anti-immigration Northern League.  http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/may/05/woman-fined-burqa-italy

French anti-burqa law would target husbands of wearers

May 3, 2010

in Paris

FRANCE’S proposed anti-burqa laws would target the husbands of women wearing the Islamic garb more harshly than the women themselves.

Historically, when Europe takes steps against Islam, it also tends to take steps to be closer to the Church of Rome.  And yes, I feel this type of ban is more likely in more nations in Europe than in Australia (though politics is a tricky thing).

What many people do not realize is that in places like Turkey young women are PAID by Islamic groups based outside the country to actually wear the burqa.  And thus, many poorer young women wear burqa there as a source of income.  So while certain Muslims are trying to increase control and influence by doing that, many in Europe and elsewhere have realized that these signs of Muslim influence are not what their countries should put up with.

As I mentioned in an earlier article about this (see Belgium To Ban the Burka?), Europe is starting to get fed-up with Islam (see also Anti-Islamic PVV Gaining in the Netherlands and Switzerland Votes to Ban Minarets).

A divide between Islam and the nominally-Christian Europe is going to become more and more real.  The vote in Belgium, the fining in Italy, and the debate in France are simply more demonstrations of that.

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