France Begins Burqa Ban

Two Women Wearing Burqas


Today, France began its new rules intended on banning burqas:

French police say they arrested two women in Islamic veils for protesting today and not for defying a new burqa ban.
The women were demonstrating outside Notre Dame Cathedral.
The controversial ban covers the head-to-toe burqa that features a face screen.
It also bans the niqab, which leaves eye slits.

Time reported that three were arrested for protests, as opposed to two, but for protesting without a permit and not for wearing the burqa.  So, it remains to be seen how well this ban will be enforced.

LCG reported the following earlier about the intent of the law:

President Sarkozy’s reason for the law is that “We are an old nation united around a certain idea of human dignity, and in particular of a woman’s dignity, around a certain idea of how to live together.” Muslims comprise approximately 7.5% of the French population (AFP, May 19, 2010).

Europe is starting to get fed-up with aspects of Islam (see also Anti-Islamic PVV Gaining in the Netherlands and Switzerland Votes to Ban Minarets), and anti-burqa laws seem to be part of that.

UPDATE 04/12/2011:

Jordan’s Islamist leader says France’s ban on face veil is war on Muslims

The Canadian Press – ‎12 April 2011
AMMAN, Jordan – The head of Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood says France’s ban on the Islamic face veil is a war against Muslims.  Hammam Saeed claims the move is a violation of French civil liberties and underlines a “new crusader behaviour” against Muslims.

A divide between Islam and the nominally-Christian Europe is going to become more and more real.  Though there will be apparent cooperation (cf. Psalm 83; Daniel 11:27), the two will turn against each other (Daniel 11:40-43).

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