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ICG sent out the following from its Mark Armstrong today:

The United Arab Emirates’ Ambassador to the U.S. has come out publicly to support the prospect of military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities. Former U.S. Ambassador to the UN John Bolton responded by saying this is a view widely held throughout the Arab states in the Persian Gulf. This comes amid news that Iran, with the help of Russia, will have its own nuclear reactor up and running by September.

Other reports say that Saudi Arabia is working rapidly, with the aid of France, to achieve their own nuclear capability and “carrying Egypt and Jordan in their wake” according to DEBKAfile. News like this gives the prophecy about Jerusalem being surrounded with armies a whole new slant.

A perusal of British and European news shows that discomfort with the unassimilated Muslim population is growing all the time. They seem to walk on eggshells to avoid offending Muslim sensitivities, because that could be fatal. Or it could merely result in riots and arson, but either way political correctness dictates that those sensitivities must not be transgressed.

There’s a huge controversy in France over moves to ban the burqa. The obvious fear is that the covering will be used to disguise terrorists. But, the move counts as an insult and therefore acts of violence are expected and justified. European news brims with reports of terrorist plots, al Qaeda recruiters, random attacks against Jews, on and on it goes.

When you view dozens of these incidents and developments in the context of the widely expected economic meltdown stalking Europe, you must realize that major changes are in the offing that may well bring about a whole new order in Europe. Given the constant threat of terror, huge unpredictable Islamic populations and the fact that all of Europe is within range of Iran’s arsenal of missiles, the Middle East equation is ever present.

Much is happening in the world today (much more important than celebrity issues like what team Lebron James will play for or the jail sentence of Lindsay Lohan, both of which received much coverage by USA media this past week)–and much of the public does not realize how world events are aligning with end time Bible prophecy.

The must come a King of the South according to Bible prophecy (who also seems to be the Imam Mahdi of Islamic prophecy).  There must come a King of the North according to Bible prophecy (who also seems to be the Great Monarch of Catholic prophecy).

Essentially, for these prophecies to be fulfilled, certain changes must happen in Europe and the Middle East.  And events are aligning up for these prophecies to be fulfilled.

The situation in Iran is pushing the Arab Muslims to take bolder steps than they would likely to have done without Iran’s pressure.  One item that Mark Armstrong failed to point out (not that he needed to cover everything) is that the health of Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak is an issue and it may be that either his replacement or something that happens because of his ultimate replacement will embolden someone to rise up to be the leader of a confederation of Middle Eastern/Northern African Islamic nations to become the final King of the South.

As far as Europe goes, it is realizing that for its civilization to continue similar to how it has been, that growing Islamic influence must be reversed.  And as reported here many times before (e.g. Burqa Banning in Belgium, Italy, France, and Australia), nations in Europe are starting to take steps in that direction.  There will be ups and downs in the European economy as I have long reported about, but ultimately, Europe will lead the world economically for a time.  Watch and see.

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