Canada’s “Supremacy of God” Challenge

Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada


The following is from the Constitution of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Constitution Act, 1982:

“Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:”

This is not always recognized by the secular in Canada.  But it was by a judge last month and this is apparently upsetting some:

God’s place in Charter challenged

National Post, Ontario – July 8, 2010

When a judge last month ruled that a Catholic high school in Montreal could choose its own religious curriculum, in defiance of an order by the Quebec government, he wrote that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms specifically referred to “the supremacy of God” in its preamble…

Mr. Trottier this week called for a change to the Charter to remove the “supremacy of God” phrase, something that would be nearly impossible to accomplish. But his public objections have sparked a debate about why Canada shows such reverence in a prime legal document to the divine.

The phrase was cited by Superior Court Judge Gérard Dugré in June, as he ruled that Loyola High School, a Jesuit private school, did not have to use the provincial religion curriculum and could teach ethics and religion from a Roman Catholic point of view. He called Quebec’s demand on the high school “totalitarian,” using the preamble to the Charter to make his case.

“Canadian democratic society,” the judge wrote, “is based on principles recognizing the supremacy of God and the primacy of the law — both of which benefit from constitutional protection.”

God, of course, is supreme, whether the Canadian Charter says so or not.  And hopefully the atheists in Canada will not have that provision to the charter changed.  Canada, like other countries, despite its increased secularization, needs national repentance, not further turning away from God.  Canadians have Bibles available to them and should read them and heed what it says.

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