Guttenberg vs. Merkel?

Karl-Theodor von und zu Guttenberg

Karl-Theodor Guttenberg…………………… Angela Merkel


Might Karl Guttenberg step up and replace Angela Merkel?  Notice the following news report:

For Merkel, a Summer to Sweat
New York Times – July 7, 2010

BERLIN — Summer vacation can’t come soon enough for Chancellor Angela Merkel. It will end a miserable semester of electoral setbacks, sagging poll ratings and political squabbles. But she can still take heart: After her biggest challenger, Christian Wulff, was sworn in as president last week, Mrs. Merkel has deflected any threat to her leadership.

Except, possibly, Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg.

He is one of Germany’s most popular politicians, a status Mrs. Merkel enjoyed when she became chancellor nearly five years ago. She made climate change, human rights and freedom the hallmarks of her first term. Now, after taking charge of a center-right coalition last October, Mrs. Merkel seems to have lost her sparkle and enthusiasm in continuing her quest to modernize Germany…

That is in sharp contrast to Mr. Guttenberg, 38, who is a leading member of Bavaria’s Christian Social Union party. An eloquent, well-dressed aristocrat, Mr. Guttenberg, officials in his party say, is torn between remaining defense minister in Berlin or returning to Bavaria to pursue a much bigger political career. For more go to

There are reasons why this could go either way. Karl Guttenberg could possibly make a move for Angela Merkel’s job, or he might find that working within the EU itself may launch him further.  He also could wait on the sidelines–or may even have to.

As regular readers of this page are aware, I (and also PCG) believe that Baron Guttenberg is a potential candidate to be the final King of the North, the Beast from the sea in Revelation 13.  He remains one to watch, irrespective of what does and does not happen this summer.

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