Merkel Wins

Angela Merkel


Germany’s Chancellor Merkel won re-election:

Victory for Angela Merkel

Published: September 28, 2009

Sunday’s elections in Germany were a personal triumph for Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose low-key centrist leadership has been good for Germany, good for Europe and good for trans-Atlantic relations. She is now the European Union’s steadiest, best-respected leader…

Her new coalition partner will be the Free Democrats, giving her a solid, politically coherent center-right majority…

Twenty years after reunification, Germany is a successful and credible democracy. The challenge for its newly elected government is to shoulder its full share of the burdens of constructive international leadership

The re-election was expected.  But the New York Times should be careful about what it wishes for.  The times when Germany had the most international influence was when it was a dangerous military force.

And this will happen again.

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