Angela Merkel wants more Christianity in Germany

Angela Merkel


Germany’s Chancellor made some interesting comments:

Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Germans debating Muslim integration to stand up more for Christian values, saying Monday…

“We don’t have too much Islam, we have too little Christianity. We have too few discussions about the Christian view of mankind,” she said to applause from the hall.

Germany needs more public discussion “about the values that guide us (and) about our Judeo-Christian tradition,” she said. “We have to stress this again with confidence, then we will also be able to bring about cohesion in our society.” (

Europe certainly would benefit from more real Christians.  And those were interesting public statements for Germany’s Chancellor to make.

The Vatican made calls recently for re-evangelizing Europe, and the German Chancellor seems to be making statements that support the Vatican’s mission (see also Germany’s Merkel: Multiculturalism a Total Failure for what she and the Vatican also recently said).

As regular readers of this page are aware, we in the Living Church of God believe that a compromised religion claiming to be Christian will eventually takeover much of Europe, Germany included.

The final European beast power is in the process of re-emerging and it will have many indications of its German connections.

The time for the final European leader, known as the King of the North, to emerge is getting closer.  The Bible is clear that this power will involve religion (cf. Daniel 11:36-38; Revelation 13).

And while many consider that most Europeans are irreligious, this is in the process of changing.  And it will dramatically change after various signs and wonders, which are prophesied to happen (cf. 2 Thessalonians 2:8-9), most publicly occur.

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