Obama Gets References to God and Jerusalem Added to Democratic Platform


After the uproar about “God” being left out of the Democratic Party Platform in the USA, Barack Obama intervened:

5 September 2012

CHARLOTTE — The Democrats opened the second night of their convention by adding God and Jerusalem to their platform, and awaiting the return of Bill Clinton.

Approved on a voice vote, the party platform now mentions God and declares Jerusalem as the capital of Israel — two previous omissions that had been attacked by Republicans and other political organizations.

President Obama personally intervened on both changes, aides said, approving the statement about Jerusalem and questioning why previous language about God had been removed from the platform in the first place.

Many delegates in the half-empty hall booed the changes. The convention chairman, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, had to call for a voice vote three tines before the additions were approved.

Politically, I felt that the Democrats may decide that they had to do that, which is why in my post, Democrats Seemingly Drop Reference to God in Platform (and the term “Seemingly” before “Drop,” was intentional), I wrote the following:

It is possible that the Democratic Party delegates will change on this.  We will see…(but again, this may change).  Also, just because the Republican Party gives more mention of God, this does not mean that God is a Republican or supporter of that party.

Politically, I felt that the Democratic leadership would want to include the “God” reference.  Though, since many delegates booed, there obviously is a loud element among the convention attendees with a differing view.

God Himself will judge the sincerity of both the major U.S. political parties on this and other religious/moral issues.

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