Vatican To Investigate Possible Alien Life

St. Peter’s Basilica


In a somewhat unusual move, it was announced that the Vatican will host a conference on the possibility of like outside of planet Earth:

The Vatican joins the search for alien life
The Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences is holding its first ever conference on alien life, the discovery of which would have profound implications for the Catholic Church.
Telegraph – Nov 10, 2009

The Pontifical Academy of Sciences is holding a conference on astrobiology, the study of life beyond Earth, with scientists and religious leaders gathering in Rome this week.

For centuries, theologians have argued over what the existence of life elsewhere in the universe would mean for the Church: at least since Giordano Bruno, an Italian monk, was put to death by the Inquisition in 1600 for claiming that other worlds exist.

This development is consistent with certain others taken by the Vatican recently concerning Galileo and others matters related to astronomy.  When I watched Rome Reports last week, the Vatican seemed to be praising Galileo (and he had been condemned by the Vatican when he lived.  When he was still Cardinal Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI also tried to improve the Vatican’s stance about Galileo

Irrespective of the Vatican’s motivations here, there is non-human intelligent life not on Earth, but in the spirit realm.  But I doubt that the spirit realm is going to be what the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences has in mind.

An article of possibly related interest may be:

Close Encounters of a ‘Spirit’ Kind discusses some experiences I believe were (demon) ‘spirit’ related.

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