CBS Taking Shots Against Embryonic Stem Cell Opponents

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Bas-relief at Angkor Wat depicting a demon performing an ancient abortion.


Bob Schieffer, a major voice at CBS, wrote the following which is a CBS’ website:

Stem Cell Injunction Dictated by Doctrine

Schieffer: Critics of Stem Cell Research Are Like Skeptics of Galileo’s Telescope…

I have the greatest respect for those who disagree, but to me putting restraints on stem cell research is not far from those who refused to look through Galileo’s telescope because they believed their doctrines and tradition had already told them what they would see.

Give me a break!  Bob Schieffer is taking shots against others apparently because of a recent court decision telling the US government that it needs to obey its own laws in regards to stem cell research (see Stem Cell Research Abortion Outrage).  It has nothing to do with what happened to Galileo centuries ago.

Galileo used a physical device to look at the sky.  Because of his reported findings, he was opposed by the Church of Rome.  They essentially forced him to lie about what he discovered.  That was wrong, but it has nothing to do with critics of embryonic stem cell research.

While there may actually be “Critics of Stem Cell Research” like the CBS headline declares, I have never ran across any opposed to stem cell research per se.

There are critics of embryonic stem cell research as it destroys human life, as it is, in a sense, a type of abortion.  Yet, these same critics normally support stem cell research.  Stem cell research can be performed with stem cells from human umbilical cords without the controversy.

Furthermore, various animal tissues can also be used for much of the research.

The truth is, if people such as Bob Schieffer, would have not been so willing to destroy human embryos, that this stem cell matter probably would be further along through increased investigation of umbilical cord stem cells and animal tissues.

Blasting critics for being concerned for the rights of the unborn does not help and is highly misleading.  Abortion remains wrong and trying to justify parts of it the way CBS seems to be hinting at does not help.

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