HWA: Fifth Law of Success: Resourcefulness


In his booklet, The Seven Laws of Success, the late Herbert W. Armstrong wrote the following related to the fifth law of success:

Law Number 5—for Emergencies

One might suppose that if he had a goal—and with it the ambition to achieve his purpose—if he then became trained, educated, and experienced in pursuing it, kept in good health, and constantly drove himself relentlessly toward his objective, that he would be bound to accomplish it.

Important as these four laws are, they are not enough.

Life constantly encounters hazards, obstacles, unexpected problems or setbacks. You may be proceeding along right on schedule, when BANG!—out of nowhere comes an unexpected complication. Some sudden circumstance arises which seems to stop you completely, or at least set you back.

So, to meet these constantly arising problems, you must have:


When complications, obstacles, unexpected circumstances appear to block your path, you must be equipped with RESOURCEFULNESS to solve the problem, overcome the obstacle, and continue on your course.

The old Slow Train Through Arkansas (I read the book years ago) encountered a cow lying across the tracks ahead. The train could not proceed toward its destination until that obstacle was removed.

When we drove the old Model “T” from Iowa to Oregon in 18 days back in 1924, we met repeated emergencies of motor troubles, flat tires or blowouts. We had to solve the difficulties by patching tires, putting “boots” in the casings, or doing our own repair work by the roadside when the motor stalled.

I learned a lesson in determination and resourcefulness on my first visit to Niagara Falls. It was on December 25th, probably 1913, with a silver thaw. I strolled out on Goat Island, which divides the river just above the falls. At one point there was a huge rock. It appeared as an impassible barrier to that rapid-flowing river, racing to its destination, down over the falls, into the rapids below and on to Lake Ontario.

I watched, intrigued. Did the rushing waters stop, quit, give up? Not on your life! I was thrilled as I watched the water swirl around the huge boulder—splash on over it, even find a hole through it, dashing, crashing, roaring on toward its goal!

The IBM people used to put out a famous card found in many offices, which says “THINK!“—and sometimes they deliberately spell it “THIMK?

When sudden emergencies arise, then of all times you need a clear mind, calm nerves, rapid thinking, sound reasoning! You need RESOURCEFULNESS!  You need a cool head, to quickly get all the facts and make a wise decision.

Do you keep calm in emergencies, or lose your head and go to pieces? Do you think rapidly, yet clearly and logically, or do you freeze up and go dead?

To succeed, you need to cultivate the ability, and the habit, of remaining unexcited, yet leaping to action on high tension, reaching the right decision, then acting on it!

And now one would most certainly think that these five laws should be all that is required to guarantee ultimate success.

Things do not always go as planned.  Instead of giving up, Christians should pray and try to be resourceful when needed.

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