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The European Union finished a summit in Bratislava, Slovakia. Here is a report about it and the Brexit connection:

EU Bratislava summit: European Union ready to start Brexit negotiations immediately

17 September 2016

The European Union is ready to start negotiations on Britain’s exit from the bloc immediately, despite London’s decision to delay triggering the divorce process, the Union’s president Donald Tusk has said.

Speaking at a summit in Bratislava of the 27 EU leaders without Britain, Mr Tusk said that the Union was “well prepared” and added that “we could even start the procedure tomorrow”.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande vowed on Friday to make the European Union a “success”, in a show of unity after a crucial summit to plot the bloc’s post-Brexit future.

The joint statement from the continent’s traditional axis of power came after the EU’s 27 leaders, minus Britain, gathered in a castle overlooking the Slovak capital Bratislava to respond to multiple challenges.

Despite deep divisions across the bloc, the leaders agreed on a “roadmap” for migration, terrorism, defence and the economy which they aim to approve in Rome in March to mark the 60th anniversary of the EU’s founding treaties.

“Germany and France will very intensively play their part in the coming months in order to make all this a success,” Ms Merkel said. …

Speaking at a summit in Bratislava of the 27 EU leaders without Britain, Mr Tusk said that the Union was “well prepared” and added that “we could even start the procedure tomorrow”.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande vowed on Friday to make the European Union a “success”, in a show of unity after a crucial summit to plot the bloc’s post-Brexit future.

The joint statement from the continent’s traditional axis of power came after the EU’s 27 leaders, minus Britain, gathered in a castle overlooking the Slovak capital Bratislava to respond to multiple challenges. …

Ms Merkel repeated her warning that the EU was in a “critical situation”, but her influence as leader of the EU’s biggest economy has been undermined by her unpopular decision to open Germany’s doors last year to nearly 1 million refugees.

Mr Hollande, who leads Europe’s top military power now that Britain is on the way out, said that France and Germany would “continue to work so that we can deliver concrete measures”.

France and Germany produced a joint defence plan in the run-up to the summit, in a sign that the EU’s ‘big two’ wanted to take the lead in rebuilding confidence in the EU following Britain’s shock June 23 decision to leave‘tomorrow’/7854366

Incremental progress at EU summit

17 September 2016

Security, prosperity and the future of Europe’s youth – the message from Bratislava can be summed up by these keywords.  …

The French president mentioned one of the immediate goals: “All were in agreement that the EU must show that it can protect its external borders,” he said. Bulgaria will be the first country to receive help, namely 160 million euros ($179 million) and EU personnel to better protect the EU border with Turkey and Greece.

The focus of the French-German initiative, however, is on security within the EU, especially as it relates to the fight against terrorism, but also to defense issues. Paris and Berlin want to set up a headquarters for coordinated missions, while also saving money by committing to common purchasing and supporting their defense contractors. …

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban declared the summit a failure because members had not been able to change “Brussels’ refugee policy,” as he put it.

The migration issue will not go away.  And the time will come when Europe will decide that it needs more than ‘incremental progress’ to deal with Islam and other matters.

The UK did not officially attend the Bratislava summit. I looked over the actual declaration from the Bratislava summit and here are a few pieces from it:

The Bratislava Declaration

Today we meet in Bratislava at a critical time for our European project. The Bratislava Summit of 27 Member States has been devoted to diagnose together the present state of the European Union and discuss our common future. We all agreed on the following general principles.

Although one country has decided to leave, the EU remains indispensable for the rest of us. In the aftermath of the wars and deep divisions on our continent, the EU secured peace, democracy and enabled our countries to prosper. …

The EU is not perfect but it is the best instrument we have for addressing the new challenges we are facing. We need the EU not only to guarantee peace and democracy but also the security of our people. …

Migration and external borders

 Never to allow return to uncontrolled flows of last year and further bring down number of irregular migrants
 Ensure full control of our external borders and get back to Schengen  …

External Security and Defence

 In a challenging geopolitical environment, strengthen EU cooperation on external security and defence
Concrete measures
a) December European Council to decide on a concrete implementation plan on security and defence and on how to make better use of the options in the Treaties, especially as regards capabilities
b) start implementing the joint declaration with NATO immediately Full text of Bratislava Declaration here

So, note that the Europeans have declared that some form of unity is their best instrument for peace and security.  Not the USA.

Yes, NATO is mentioned.  But I have long had my concerns that eventually, perhaps under the guise of a NATO or similar exercise, Europe will launch a surprise attack against the USA (cf. 1 Thessalonians 5:3; Daniel 11:39).

In order to do that, they need more cooperation and a stronger military.

And they have agreed to do that.

Of course, they have often somewhat agreed to that in the past, without taking enough actions to accomplish that.

But now with the UK not even part of the Bratislava summit, the UK will not get in the way for the type of military unity many in Europe feel that it must have.

For decades, the late Herbert W. Armstrong taught:

John also pictures this BEAST, not as a church, or as an individual man, but as a powerful GOVERNMENT having a great ARMY. For they worshiped the beast by saying: “WHO IS ABLE TO MAKE WAR WITH HIM?” (Rev. 13:4). (Armstrong HW. Who is the Beast?, booklet, 1960)

John also pictures this beast, not as a church or as an individual man, but as a powerful government having a great army. For they worshiped the beast by saying, “Who is able to make war with him?” (Revelation 13:4). (Armstrong HW. Who or What Is the Prophetic Beast? – Part 1. Good News, 1985)

The Book of Daniel specifically shows that this European Beast power will have a great army:

25 He shall stir up his power and his courage against the king of the South with a great army. (Daniel 11:25)

The Bible shows that this European Beast, King of the North, power will become a major international military success (Revelation 13:4; Daniel 11:39-43).

Despite division and lack of true unity (Daniel 2:41-43), the Bible shows that Europe will reorganize:

12 “The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast. 13 These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast. (Revelation 17:12-13)

The above will result in a temporarily united European power. This has NOT happened yet.

The Brexit vote (the UK’s vote to leave the European Union) is not the prophesied reorganization, but will be a factor in Europe ultimately reorganizing.

As far as the UK and its military goes, some there realize that it cannot defend itself:

17 September 2016

Britain’s armed forces would be unable to defend the country against a serious military attack because they have been “withered” by cuts, a former senior commander warned before his retirement, the Financial Times reported on Saturday.

In a 10-page memo sent to Defense Secretary Michael Fallon in April, General Richard Barrons, who was head of Britain’s Joint Forces Command, said there was no plan to defend the nation against a conventional attack and it would be overwhelmed by a concerted Russian air campaign.

“Capability that is foundational to all major armed forces has been withered by design,” Barrons said in the private memo which the FT said it had obtained.

Last year, the government committed Britain to meeting NATO’s defense spending pledge …

The inability to defend themselves is also true of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, which will tend to keep them bound to the USA for defense–but the USA will be defeated by the Europeans per Daniel 11:39.

The Bible shows that the final reorganized European Beast power will have major military power (Revelation 13:4; Daniel 11:39-43) and economic influence (Revelation 18).

European leaders realize a reorganization is needed. Currently they are declaring to take steps to do that. Later they will do it to such a degree, that ultimately the world will marvel (Revelation 13:3-4).

This will not end up well (cf. Daniel 11:39-45; Revelation 13,17,18).

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