LCG: Czech President Still a Euroskeptic, But Bible Prophecy Will Be Fulfilled

Vaclav Klaus


In today’s edition of its TW News & Prophecy E-Zine, the Living Church of God reported:

The euroskeptic president of the Czech Republic recently warned that adoption of new economic policies proposed at the EU Summit in Brussels would lead to political union–something many EU nations want to avoid. In a scathing article, President Klaus told how he was coerced into signing the Lisbon Treaty with promises that no further integration moves would occur for at least 10 years. Now, just two years later, the poor financial climate across Europe is being used to further erode national sovereignty.

A political union could erode most of the remaining national sovereignty enjoyed by EU nations. At the Brussels Summit last week, the Bulgarian president signed on to the new fiscal policies despite urgings to the contrary from his finance ministry and central bank. Greece and Ireland gave up considerable financial independence when they accepted “bailout” money earlier this year from the EU. Portugal is trying to “hold out” as long as possible, but is having great financial difficulty and may soon suffer the same fate (, March 31, 2011).

End-time prophecies indicate that a political union will occur in Europe and result in the formation of the final Beast power of Revelation. Ultimately, ten kings (or nations or groups) who are of “one mind” will give their power over to this Beast who will rule it for a short time (Revelation 17:12-13). The financial events currently plaguing Europe could be a powerful tool in building a foundation for this eventual political union.

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The Czech President rightly sees that the EU will end up with political union if it keeps coming up with various economic policies for the EU.

The European Beast power is forming right now, yet many simply do not see it.  Yes, there are problems, as critics can point out.  But Bible prophecy indicated that there would be (cf. Daniel 2).  Yet the European empire is forming.  And it may be fully formed in just a relatively few short years.

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