COGWA Reports on Unleavened Bread and Governance


Clyde Kilough, of the Church of God, a Worldwide Association (COGWA), posted the following at COGWA’s website late today:

As Jim Franks mentioned in the April 1 Weekly Update, the meetings in Dallas March 29-31 to discuss our future governmental structure were extremely profitable. Our focus now is on the upcoming feast, but once that is completed we will turn our attention to completing this work and installing a permanent governance as soon as possible. We deeply appreciate your laboring in prayer, seeking God’s direction and His wisdom to help us establish the best structure we can. The organization of the Church is very important, and we are doing our best to consider the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, of every aspect of the potential ways of directing the affairs of the Church.

But in the end, the meaning of the Days of Unleavened Bread bring us back to the most essential part of God’s government: God has to govern our hearts and minds! If sin is allowed to govern our thinking, no governmental organization or structure will work.

It was not the structure of government that kept Jesus Christ sinless—it was by the power of the Spirit of God! It was not policies and procedures that kept Him at one with the Father—it was the love of God. While He was governing His mind to perfectly conform to the will of God during the events leading to His crucifixion, all of His beloved disciples were being governed by the pulls of the flesh—greed (Matthew 26:14-16), ambition and rivalry (Luke 22:24-27), self-deception and false bravado (Matthew 26:31-35, 69-75), self-will and anger (Matthew 26:51-54), fear (Matthew 26:56). Only later, after they themselves received the Holy Spirit, did they begin to govern themselves according to the will of God. It was then that the sinful leaven of those works of the flesh could be put out, replaced by the fruits of the Spirit of God working in them.

Now, imagine if Jesus Christ—the perfect Son of God—was living among us, working side by side with all of us as He did the disciples, for the next three-plus years! Would being under the perfect Governor, and under His perfect governmental structure, guarantee our success? Not if our hearts and minds were not being governed by the Holy Spirit! Remember, there was a time when all the angels lived under a perfect governmental structure, with perfect law, perfect organization and perfect rule by God Himself; but that still did not prevent one-third of them from rejecting God and rebelling against everything His government stood for!

For those unaware, COGWA was officially formed in December 2010 and is made of almost entirely of people who once were part of  UCG, including Clyde Kilough who had been UCG’s president.  It still is addressing issues, like governance.  As far as Unleavened Bread goes, I wrote an article titled Should Christians Keep the Days of Unleavened Bread? that some may find of interest.

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