PCG’s membership down

Gerald Flurry with “Swans in Flight”


In my article on Gerald Flurry’s Philadelphia Church of God, Teachings Unique to the Philadelphia Church of God, I had written that PCG had been shrinking in size.

There is more information, now, that seems to confirm, that.

Back on January 7, 2011, Stephen Flurry reported the following:

Worldwide attendance stands at about 5,500. Serving those brethren, we have 72 ordained ministers—41 of them employed by the Church. Counting ministers and employees, 115 people work for the Church full-time. Another 60 are on payroll as part-timers. We’ve added 55 employees just since 2006, when the college first started turning out four-year graduates.

Our total worldwide income in 2010 amounted to $20.6 million—a solid 5 percent increase over 2009. Seventy-two percent of that revenue is donated by members of the Philadelphia Church of God. The other 28 percent comes from co-workers and donors who voluntarily offer their financial support. http://www.thetrumpet.com/index.php?q=7818.6421.0.0

In October 2011, the following was reported:

Shane Granger, marketing director for the Philadelphia Church of God…said Edmond is one of 18 sites around the world that will be attended by 4,700 members of the Philadelphia Church of God, which has 200 congregations spread over 65 countries.

In November 2011, the following was apparently reported in a co-worker letter written by Gerald Flurry:

…our building fund donations are $700,000 less than they were last year. I want you to think about that.

Before we built Armstrong Auditorium, we sent a letter to our Church members only, asking for pledges to the building fund. We used those pledges to determine how much we could invest in construction and loan repayment until all the construction costs were repaid in full. We’ve enjoyed using the auditorium for over a year now, but we still have a big balance left on the loan–over $7Million…And if our ways are pleasing God, no recession or depression could make a bit of difference.

Here is additional proof that PCG has shrank:

May 4, 2018

God blesses us in many ways, and He asks for so little in return. Every year, we have opportunities to contribute to God’s Work through tithes, holy day offerings and funds for building, airplane and other projects. But there is another way we can give that has proven to produce much fruit: congregational fundraisers. These fundraisers provide great value to God’s Work.

There are more than 100 Philadelphia Church of God congregations spread across the globe. Most of these congregations have few members. (Krueger J. Fundraising for God. May 4, 2018. https://www.pcog.org/articles/4808/fundraising-for-god)

The above strongly supports the view that PCG has suffered major membership losses and has not been growing.

PCG, itself, has certain unique doctrines, and I am not of the view that its founder is truly part of the Church of God.

Just calling oneself or a church ‘Philadelphian’ does not make that church part of the Philadelphia Church Era.

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