Ralph Levy Reports on Latin America and UCG’s Former Ministry There

Laodicea has many ineffective structures


Former UCG instructor Ralph Levy wrote the following:

From the time of my hiring by the United Church of God, IA in 1999 to my recent termination I have had the privilege of travelling extensively in Latin America to serve the people of God in that part of the world…

Of the 12 Feasts of Tabernacles between 1999 and 2010, I spent nine in Latin America: two and a half in Peru, two and a half in Argentina, two in Chile, one in Colombia and one in Costa Rica. Additionally I visited Guatemala in the summer of 2009 for an educational seminar, Ecuador in May 2010 for a personal visit to see Church friends, the Dominican Republic eight times (if my calculations are correct), and Puerto Rico once. During most of the years I worked for the United Church of God I calculate I spent about a month in Latin America. This experience has given me some insight into the Church in that part of the world.

I have found both the brethren and the ministry in Latin America to be generally humble, welcoming and caring…

Saul Langarica, the Church pastor in Chile, is a good friend of mine and has been since I met him in the early 1980’s when he came to Ambassador College from his native Mexico. He has served faithfully in Mexico, Guatemala and (since 2001) Chile…

This past year I spent the Feast in Huanchaco, Peru. Again I saw the pastor spend much time with the brethren, inviting them into his hotel room, joking, laughing and fellowshipping with no aloofness, elitism, or pride. If you have ever met Manuel Quijano you will know he is simply not that kind of man…

There is so much more I could recount about my experiences and impressions of the Church in Latin America. I relate all this because of false information going around, and accusations of ministerial abuse, elitism, neglect and mistreatment. I find these assessments deeply unfair, and they certainly don’t concur with my experience of the Church in Latin America.

Dr. Levy and I got our Ph.D.s from the same school at about the same time.  He first contacted me because he and I participated in the same online seminar in 1992.  While I do not know Saul Langarica personally, I did speak with him on the telephone once about a year ago, and he was cordial (and spoke to me in English, which was essential to me at least).

Basically, in his letter Dr. Levy explains that he considers that UCG’s former ministry in Latin America consisted of caring and faithful leaders and he has not agreed how some, apparently still in UCG, have portrayed them.

This particular letter does not state where Ralph Levy will himself end up, though he seems to advocate visiting the Feast of Tabernacles’ sites in Latin America, with the ministry of those who once were part of UCG.

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