COG America: A Group of Former UCG Ministers

Laodicea is filled with ineffective structures


Several ministers who were once part of  UCG formed a group called Church of God – America (COGA).  Here is what it says is its purpose:

Our Purpose

As we look to see what God intends for the future, we will go forward as the scripture reveals a church should function. Because it is impossible to set up a perfect church, we will function in the biblical model of a healthy church. By starting from the scriptural model, we acknowledge that unless the “LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it” (Psalm 127:1).

We encourage one another to follow the Ephesians 4 template for the pastor, members, and congregation. In Ephesians Paul lays out the characteristics of a healthy congregation. We will practice what Paul preaches and not rush into another system of organization that inadvertently puts human reasoning before scripture. We have begun discussions on how to work together without a physical corporation, but with a commitment to learn from Paul’s experience.

Initially we commit that all pastors and members will participate in the yearly Bible Reading Program. Pastors commit to teach and practice the Ephesians 4 model in their congregations. Pastors commit to follow the job description and duties outlined in Ephesians 4.

Ephesians 4, I might point out, seems to be supportive of more of a hierarchical form of church governance than some in the new COGA may be comfortable with.

Here is a listing of the church areas and ministers that COGA currently claims:

Church of God – Latin America

Director: Latin America – Leon Walker

Pastor: Saul Langarica

Pastor: Luis Mundo Tello
El Salvador

Senior Pastor Mexico: Lauro Roybal

Pastor: Manuel Quijano

Pastor: Eduardo Hernandez

Church of God – North America

Pastor: Larry Salyer
Church of God – Louisiana

Pastor: Jack Hendren
Church of God – South Texas

Pastor: Graemme Marshall
Church of God – Canada

Larry Salyer and Jack Hendren were once part of the old Global Church of God before becoming part of the United Church of God, and now Church of God – America.  Larry Salyer and Leon Walker are also directors of International Ambassador Outreach, a group recently formed to finance ministers once part of UCG that claimed it was not a new church group.  Perhaps not, but now with the formation of Church of God – America, they have a church group.

(Perhaps I should insert here that there is a group that calls itself “Church of God of North America” and the “North American Church of God” that is NOT affiliated with Larry Salyer and Leon Walker’s group.  And since when I visited its website today and noticed a Christmas nativity scene, I pretty much figured out that it is NOT a COG that people like me would recognize as such.  They “think of” themselves “as conservative, rooted in Wesleyan-Arminian theological heritage, a part of the Anabaptist free-church tradition, a part of the Holiness Movement that came to mid-America”.)

I do not believe that Leon Walker’s Church of God – America will be any more effective than UCG in public proclamation of the gospel for many reasons (and it may do a lot worse in that respect).  Its focus and priorities seem more toward priorities in different order than those I see in scriptures such as Matthew 24:14; 28:19-20.  Hence, the priorities of their work, at this time at least, seem to be more in the direction of a lukewarm, Laodicean approach.  It is not that those involved with Church of God – America are wrong on all their UCG grievances, it is just that the path they have taken seems contrary to a sound approach to fulfill what should be church priorities as taught by Jesus in Matthew 24:14; 28:19-20.

Any interested in supporting the remnant of the Philadelphia era of the COG should prayerfully check out LCG.

Those not interested will either remain part of UCG (or where ever they are), go with Church of God – America or one of the former UCG break-away ministers/groups, go somewhere else, or drop out. God will hold all accountable for what they do and do not do.

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