Ronald Weinland: False Prophet by Mid-June

Pope Benedict XVI is Now Supposed to Receive “Special Powers” this Thursday According to Ronald Weinland


A few days ago, Ronald Weinland was interviewed again (here is his link 04-10-08 talkSPORT Radio in London, U.K., the James Whale Show).

Here are some excerpts (they are reasonably accurate and came from my notes):

James Whales (JW): You are actually saying, Ronald, within the next uhm 50 to 60 days, is that right?

Ronald Weinland (RW): In that time frame.

JW: There will be a nuclear device detonated on this planet?

RW: In the United States.

JW: In the United States?

RW: Yes…The first thing that will happen will be in the port cities…

{Insert–Ronald Weinland then basically stated that nuclear attack would be the “second trumpet” and affect port cities like Houston and this would be 45-90 days from now, as opposed to 50-60 days. He said that land nuclear attacks would occur with the third trumpet.}

JW: Starting next Thursday…next Thursday, we will see something in the news?

RW: Yes…and it’s going to be quite strong.

I will be watching news events this Thursday and do not believe that what is biblically supposed to happen at the beginning of the 1260 days (which Ronald Weinland stated starts April 17th, 2008) will happen then.

I have been looking forward to Ronald Weinland’s false prophet admissions since his comments on that subject in an interview in December 2007. However, he seems to keep delaying the date, and therefore he seems to have delayed when he might make that type of admission. But the above statement seems to really box him in (though he has “spiritualized away” lack of physical proof of his prophetic “abilities” in the past, and possibly may do so again).

The interview continued and JW then asked something about the Pope to which Ron Weinland replied:

RW: Starting April 17th, he will not be happy…Everything I’m going to say is going to be about the Pope and the Catholic Church and what they have done to this world and traditional Christianity…

JW: Let’s suppose that none of this…nothing has happened…

RW: If things do not by mid-June very clearly so, I will make it clear that I was a false prophet and I will never preach again…


RW…the great false prophet…that has to do with the Catholic Church…He is going to be saying…He is going to be given special powers beginning April 17th when he is in Washington. D.C.

Now I should add that Ronald Weinland’s other comments in the interview about the Pope and Antichrist were somewhat confusing. But the interview statements were clear that Ronald Weinland believes that Pope Benedict will be given special powers in a couple of days.

I disagree.

I believe that Ronald Weinland is clearly already a false prophet–and that he will wish he had not made that mid-June comment fairly soon.

Of course, those who have checked out Ronald Weinland’s prophecies” with the Bible realize that Ronald Weinland is a false prophet and not one of the two witnesses like he claims to be.

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