Ronald Weinland’s New Era



Ronald Weinland of CGPFK posted the following yesterday:

The “Prophetic” First Trumpet:

The impact of the “prophetic” First Trumpet is about to resound with its greatest intensity yet! As I stated a few months ago, people needed to understand that there would be a period of “false hope” that would be allowed to capture the hearts and minds of many people as they were led to believe that an economic recovery was now taking place. The Stock Market reflects much of that false hope as an economic balloon stretches out to its limits. This is prophetic as it enables the potential for a greater humbling process to follow once the balloon bursts. That balloon is soon to burst!

We have now entered a new era of time for this end-time. God has been merciful to the world and is extending that mercy so that the massiveness of final destructiveness on this earth, in the form of WWIII, is given the least amount of time possible in order to accomplish the impact necessary to usher in a new world government—His very Kingdom ruling the earth.

Not only is God altering the time sequence of end-time events (not the return of Jesus Christ) by shortening the actual time of man’s suffering, but He is revealing a pattern that testifies to His judgment being given to this earth at the end of 6,000 years of man’s self-rule and disobedience.

While Ronald Weinland is correct that the stock market reflects false hope and the end of the 6,000 years is coming soon, but his idea that we have entered “a new era of time for this end-time” should be clarified.

For those unfamiliar with him, let me state that Ronald Weinland is a self-appointed “prophet” who claims that he and his wife are the two witnesses.

Additionally, Ronald Weinland has claimed that the Great Tribulation began on April 17, 2008 and then he changed his date to December 14, 2008–and currently he is still insisting that his December 14, 2008 date was correct.

But, since nothing resembling the Great Tribulation has actually occurred, he has come up with various explanations as to why total disaster has not yet struck the USA, etc.  I consider him to be a false prophet.

He at first insisted in 2008 that the USA would suffer nuclear attack by the summer of that year and that “A little after April…a dollar bill won’t be worth anything”.  When those events did not occur in 2008, he then came up with his December 14, 2008 date.

And then when no major events took place, he apparently decided that the Great Tribulation was more of a spiritual event, but that eventually there would be physical signs associated with it.

It is not clear to me if he is now teaching that his “new era” teaching is a continuation of very little happening or if he will once again insist that major physical signs are about to happen.  He is expected to make some type of new explanation within the next couple of weeks, which presumably will clarify what he means.

Ronald Weinland has changed his positions so often that I do not understand how any can believe that he is one of God’s two witnesses.  God’s prophets simply could not make so many prophetic errors.  People need to compare the teachings of any so-called “prophet” with the Bible.

As I have stated for years, the Great Tribulation could not start in 2008, 2009, or even 2010.  It cannot start until sometime after 2012.  And it certainly did not start in 2008.

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