UCG’s New Council Members

Ruins of Ancient Laodicea


At UCG, apparently the votes are all in as Gavin Rumney posted the following:

The Word of the Lord may not be going forth from Zion exactly, but it is being trumpeted abroad via Twitter. This update from David Myers:

UCG’s new Council of Elders members are William Eddington (Int’l), Richard Thompson (returning), Scott Ashley, Melvin Rhodes.

As of this morning, UCG has not yet posted its Council of Elders’ Meeting minutes.  But of course, that is why some people are into Twitter.

Anyway, Scott Ashley, in my opinion, was long overdue for additional recognition at UCG, although I do not really know where he stands doctrinally.

Melvin Rhodes is an interesting choice because of his international experience and his writings.  I am more familiar with Peter (who I met), than one called William, Eddington at UCG.

We will see how, if at all, these new Council members affect the actual direction of UCG.

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