China May Change its ‘One-Child’ Policy

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There is a possibility that China may change its “one-child” policy:

China eyes change to one-child policy | Washington Times Communities

November 2, 2012 — The world awoke to some very encouraging news out of China this morning.  The country may scrap a 30-year-old policy that has resulted in millions of orphans.

The Chinese government leaked a report on the country’s one-child policy that it commissioned from a high profile Chinese think tank called the China Development Research Foundation.  The report’s conclusion: China’s one-child policy should be abandoned immediately in favor of a two-child policy to be instituted until 2020 when all birth restrictions should be lifted…

Today, more than 30 years after the policy took effect, there’s a gaping gender imbalance, as parents have preferred boys to girls.

This is good news.

Policies like China’s tend to result in more female babies being aborted, and that is what happens there. In essence, it becomes a type of female “gendercide.”

In June 2011, in an article by Wall Street Journal, Jonathan V. Last did an in-depth review of a book titled Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls and the Consequences of a World Full of Men by Mara Hvistendahl.

A while back, Mara Hvistendahl puts forth a figure that 163 million female babies were aborted since the late 1970s because of family preferences, mainly in India and China, for having sons. Of course, it is not just family preference. Part of why China is experiencing this phenomena is because its current “one-child policy” (which it adopted in the early 1980s) forces most couples to only have one child. In China, male children tend to be the ones expected to provide for parents in their old age (and do not require huge expensive dowries as often do female children in India), this policy is a factor resulting in an excessively high male to female birth ratios–if parents feel that they need at son to support them and they can only have one child, often females get aborted away.

Female infanticide is not new, of course. Mara Hvistendahl noted that its practice in 4th century B.C. Greece and 19th century China coincided with bloody than usual periods in those lands. And while many associate poverty with higher level of violence, Jonathan Lust wrote:

In Chinese provinces where the sex ratio has spiked, a crime wave has followed.

Furthermore, when there is a major imbalance, wealthier men tend to still get married, either locally or by securing brides from other lands (such as Vietnam for many Chinese). This tends to leave more poorer males unable to secure brides. Males who have less income and no wives tend to be more reckless and violent in their behavior.  Because, however, China has had its current program for decades, I believe this will be one reason that it will have sufficient soldiers to be a significant part of the 200 million man army that Revelation 9:13-20 discusses, which I believe will rise up within the next decade or so.

But until then, the fact that China is considering changing its one child policy is a good step.

Why the change now?

Partially because China is losing professionals and others at a fast clip as many in China want to move to other nations that do not have “one-child ” policies and various other restrictions.

Yet, no matter what China’s motivations may be, eliminating the “one-child” policy would be a good step.

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