Roderick C. Meredith: 21st Century Will Not Be The “Chinese Century”


China is in the international news a lot lately.  It massive economic growth is increasing its influence and even given it the ability to be able to at least economically injure the debt ridden USA.

And while the 21st century will not remain USA dominated, all is not quite perfect in China.

Notice the following news report:

China’s phenomenal economic growth has created a generation of “emperors” and “empresses”, the now-adult children of China’s one-child policy, who often put their needs before anything and anyone else.

Experts say many of this generation are unable to sustain relationships, a result of being spoiled only children, doted on by parents and grandparents who catered to their every whim…

China launched the controversial one-child policy in the early 1980s to curb its population, now over 1.3 billion.The restrictions, which vary from city to countryside, caused a variety of social problems such as a fast-aging society and a breakdown of family values which used to be based on the traditional Confucian ideal of a large and close family.

China enforces its one child policy through tremendous pressure for abortion–a biblically prohibited practice (please see the article Abortion, the Bible, and a Woman’s Right to Choose).  And this policy is setting China up for problems–I believe that part of why China will help supply manpower for the 200,000,000 man army of Revelation 9:16 is because this one child policy is resulting in an excessively high male to female birth ratio because of gender-driven abortions.Because of early Chinese symbols–which seem to indicate Chinese knowledge of some of the early events in the Book of Genesis–the Chinese should realize that abortion is prohibited and that the devil influences it (of course, even more so should Western nations who claim the Bible as their own, but they ignore much of what it teaches).

It may be of interest to note that a Chinese symbol for Prohibition is the combination of the symbols for two trees (mù) from the Garden of Eden and the symbol for command:

jìnjin líng sji
To Prohibit
= Tree + (Divine) Command

Notice that the Chinese symbol for Devil is composed of the characters for secret, person, and garden:

gui si eer tièn
Devil = Secret + Person + Garden

Hence, the Chinese seem to have retained knowledge that the devil encouraged sin from the beginning in the Garden of Eden.

But what about China’s current influence and prosperity? 

Roderick C. Meredith of the Living Church of God, who recently visited the People’s Republic of China wrote:

Many publications have suggested that the 21st century will be “China’s century.” Even though the Chinese are fiercely moving forward, and their progress in developing their industries is obvious, these publications are dead wrong for two reasons. First, the inspired word of God describes specifically how a coming European Union will be the dominant force in this world—obviously within the next several years. Therefore, brethren, I would like to focus your mind on this matter so you can more intelligently “watch” world events along this line as they unfold before your very eyes. In the coming years, you will perhaps even see a revolt of the peasants in the outlying Chinese cities, who have lagged far behind the standard of living afforded those who have moved to Beijing and Shanghai. Plus, the tremendous pollution of the water, air and foodstuffs may bring about massive disease epidemics and other problems for the Chinese.

In addition, distracting wars and other events may— as God chooses to guide it—greatly undermine the material progress now being made by the Chinese. Meanwhile, you will soon see the European Union evolve into an absolutely powerful and dynamic force in the world— ultimately to become the “Beast” as revealed in Revelation 17 in your own Bible!

So the 21st century will not be the “Chinese century!” Rather it will appear to become the European century for a few years, until the magnificent return of Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords. From then on, the 21st century will be, indeed, “Christ’s century!” And all of us who are able to understand the “Big Picture” of world events from God’s point of view should be preparing to help straighten out the appalling degree of suffering, starvation and misconduct we find on this earth today in virtually every nation (Meredith R.C. An Inspiring and Successful Trip. Living Church News. May-June 2007, p. 21).

It is important to note that the Bible says that all trading nations will have become wealthy trading with Babylon (the restored European Empire–not China) that really prospers in the beginning of the great tribulation:

For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich through the abundance of her luxury (Revelation 18:3, NKJV throughout).

Thus, merchandising China, as the world’s most populous nation, is prophesied to attain additional wealth from the coming restored European Empire, but it will not then be the most powerful nation in the world.

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