Washington D.C. Council votes to ‘decriminalize’ marijuana

Marijuana, Cannibis sativa


In a move that is no surprise to me, the federal District of Columbia voted to somewhat legalize marijuana today:

March 4, 2014

The District of Columbia City Council voted Tuesday to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana in the nation’s capital.

Mayor Vincent Gray said he intends to sign the measure, which replaces jail time with civil fines but does not legalize the use, possession, sale or growing of pot. Congress still has veto power, though that is considered unlikely given the divided control of each chamber…http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/03/04/dc-marijuana-decriminalized/6028987/

As I have been telling various ones privately, and as I believe I mentioned over the radio last week, I expect more ‘decriminalizing’ of marijuana in the USA and probably elsewhere.

Earlier this week, however, California Governor Jerry Brown made a couple of interesting statements in this regard:

March 2, 2014

Gov. Jerry Brown said he wants to wait to see how experiments with marijuana legalization play out in Colorado and Washington before expanding access to pot in California.

“How many people can get stoned and still have a great state or a great nation?” Brown asked, expressing some skepticism about legalization. “The world’s pretty dangerous, very competitive. I think we need to stay alert, if not 24 hours a day, more than some of the potheads might be able to put together. ”

Brown made his comments during an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that aired Sunday morning. http://www.latimes.com/local/political/la-me-pc-jerry-brown-worries-about-potheads-on-meet-the-press-20140302,0,1470635.story#ixzz2upKCFKPB

And he is right to be concerned. But he still might be inclined to support legalization.

Notice something else that the old Worldwide Church of God reported about it:

Effects on BODY and MIND

What happens to the physical body under the influence of marijuana?
“On smoking the drug, there is usually an increase in pulse rate, a slight rise in blood pressure, and conjunctival vascular congestion; blood sugar is slightly elevated; there is urinary frequency without diuresis; and dryness of the mouth and throat as well as nausea, vomiting, and occasional diarrhea have also been noted.” (Louis S. Good­ man & Alfred Gilman, The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, New York: Macmillan Company, 1965, p. 300.)
Other investigators report a sluggish pupillary response to light, slight tremors and a partial deterioration of bodily coordination.
But what does marijuana “feel like”? What happens to your mind?
We again quote the experienced researchers directly:
“The most common reaction is the development of a dreamy state of altered consciousness in which ideas seem disconnected , uncontrollable, and freely flowing. Ideas come in disrupted sequences, things long forgotten are remembered, and others well known cannot be recalled. Perception is disturbed, minutes seem to be hours, and seconds seem to be minutes; space may be broadened, and near objects may appear far distant. When larger doses are used, extremely vivid hallucinations may be experienced; these are often pleasant, but their coloring, sexual or otherwise, is more related to the user’s personality than to specific drug effects. There are often marked alterations of mood; most characteristically there is a feeling of extreme well­ being, exaltation, excitement, and inner joyousness (described as being “high”). Uncontrollable laugh­ ter and hilarity at minimal stimuli are common. This is often followed by a moody reverie, but occasionally the depressed mood may be the initial and predominant reaction. With the larger doses, panic states and fear of death have been observed; the body image may seem distorted; and the head often feels swollen and the extremities seem heavy. Illusions are not uncommon, and the feeling of being a dual personality may occur. Even with the smaller doses, behavior is impulsive and random ideas are quickly translated into speech; violent or aggressive behavior, however, is infrequent. When the subject is alone, he is inclined to be quiet and drowsy; when in company, garrulousness and hilarity are the usual picture. Given the properly predisposed personality and high enough dosage, the clinical picture may be that of a toxic psychosis.” (Ibid., p. 300, emphasis ours.)

Look at the overall theme! Marijuana causes an individual to lose control of his mind! That’s not “soaring to new heights”! How dangerous — when one loses control of his own faculty to think and act intelligently!  (New Facts About Marijuana. Ambassadir College Press, 1970)

Marijuana is not good for the mind.

Notice also the following from the same booklet:

Are Good Results Produced?

The old saying is that “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.” Are there concrete beneficial fruits produced by marijuana? What does it actually do to, or for, a person? Does it make him a more productive member of society? How does it affect the user? Are those effects desirable?
Here are 27 typical reactions due to use of marijuana. They were excerpted from statements made about the drug from users. All of you who are using marijuana or thinking of using it — please read carefully.
Any sound-minded person will see that NOT ONE OF these effects is desirable.
1. Marijuana makes me unable to operate normally — for instance, drive a car or operate a machine.
2. It slows me down quite a bit and I lost my initiative when I started to use marijuana.
3. I feel stubborn and get into arguments when I am high.
4. I get into a panic.
5. It makes me sleepy, lazy.
6. Marijuana makes me too generous. I gave away everything I had; for example, I would buy drinks for everybody in the bar, etc.
7. I did not take things seriously anymore after starting the use of marijuana.
8. After starting on marijuana, I withdrew into a shell and would not communicate with people. I lost my job because I could not communicate with my boss.
9. Marijuana made me lazy, and I could not hold a job after starting to use it.
10. I got arrested for lots of things when I was high -curfew violations and rape.
11. I did about fifteen drugstore robberies with a partner for narcotics. We used to get high on marijuana beforehand.
12. It makes me weak, passive and paranoid, but I don’t get into trouble. I just want to be left alone where I don’t think people are spying on me.
13. It made me drop out of school and I lost a couple of jobs because I was late and would take off early. The three of us got into a bad fight once when we were high on marijuana.
14. I got an inferiority complex and wanted to stay away from society, but I never got into trouble.
15. Makes me silly; everything I do or say or hear is funny.
16. Sometimes it makes me happy and sometimes sad — mostly sad.
17. Makes me happy-go-lucky and I do not care about anything.
18. It relieves me and makes me gay — sort of blocks my thinking.
19. After I started to use marijuana, I quit school and did not want to work. I beat up my wife several times when I was high. It makes me feel happy and expands my perceptiveness.
20. In driving, you might think you are going 60 if you are only going 30.
21. I thought I was better at music and typing in high school but it was not so — I flunked out.
22. It made my throat raw and I had hallucinations, that is, I kept trying to brush a spider off my shoulder. I usually saw bugs and things like that after only one cigarette. I lost my equilibrium and could not stand up.
23. If you are only going 20 miles an hour you think you are going much faster.
24. It made me want to go off alone and watch TV. I could see hidden meanings in the commercials.
25. It slowed me down so much I had to drop out of school.
26. Marijuana slowed me down too much, so I started using pills to stimulate me.
27. What used to bother me was it numbed my brain and I could not think right. I could not drive well.

Marijuana is not good for Christians.  Or as Jerry Brown indicated, the nation.  But its use is getting increasingly accepted.

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