81% of Israelis Want to Join the EU

European Union Tower of Babel Poster


A new study finds that most Israelis wish to become part of the European Union:

BEERSHEVA (EJP)—A new study conducted by the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev reveals that a vast majority (81 percent) of Israelis support joining the European Union (EU) and more involvement and deeper cooperation with European organizations. “The results also show that there is widespread misperception about the Israeli public’s real attitudes toward the EU,” said Sharon Pardo, head of the Jean Monnet Chair in European Studies in the university’s department of politics and government.

I suspect that partially because of how many in Israel have not been pleased with certain comments from US President Barack Obama, and what is going on with world opinion, that they feel that the EU and not the USA would be a safer place for them to be.

However, that is not quite so according to Bible prophecy.

The European King of the North will arise.  But before he fully does, he will confirm a peace deal for seven years (a prophetic week) apparently involving Israel, that he will decide has to be broken in the middle of it (Daniel 9:27).  Since most in Israel apparently want closer cooperation with the Europeans, they will be likely swayed that accepting the peace deal might help them become an equal part of the European Union.

What will happen a few years after the deal will not please those in Israel (which occupies much of the land of ancient Judea) according to Jesus (Matthew 24:15-22) and the prophet Daniel (Daniel 11:31-43).

While certain prophetic signs seem to be tarrying, others are lining up with Bible prophecy.  The idea that the Israelis want to become closer to the Europeans is one more event that I believe helps set the stage for the fulfillment of certain prophecies.

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