Australia is Vulnerable to China


The Australian economy is doing better than most in the world.  And that is primarily because China has been buying a lot of Australia’s natural resources.  China is Australia’s leading trade partner.

Yet, some organizations are starting to be concerned with how vulnerable Australia’s economy is to what China does.  Notice the following:

ANALYSIS: Australia’s “Made in China” economy vulnerable, experts say

By Sid Astbury Oct 5, 2010…

‘If the global recovery stalls and Chinese demand for commodities declines, Australia’s terms of trade could fall sharply,’ the IMF said.

International ratings agency Standard & Poor’s has also sounded the alarm, flagging a softening of demand from China that ‘could cause a sharp decline in the Australian economy.’  (

And while some Australians are fine with this situation, some of them also realize that the Chinese have their own objectives:

Chinese way is here to stay, so get used to it

  • Greg Rudd
  • From: The Australian
  • October 07, 2010…
Understand one thing about China. With more than 1.3 billion people, China cares only about China…The elite in Asia sees its rise as a long-awaited return to influence rather than something new. And doing business in Asia is different to doing business in Australia. A rich Asian friend once roguishly told me: “Show me a rich Asian and I’ll show you a thief.”  How can Chinese millionaires and billionaires exist in a communist country?  (

Yet, it is not just the economy of Australia that is at risk.  And some in Australia are starting to understand this:

China’s irresistible power surge

  • Rowan Callick, Asia-Pacific Editor
  • From: The Australian
  • October 04, 2010

AFTER countless “dragon rising” conferences and speeches, Australians have grown accustomed to China’s emergence as an economic giant to rival the US…

The US is in no position to launch, let alone win, a trade war with China. US rhetoric about currency valuations instead underlines its economic impotence…

A leading Australian expert on Asia, economist Peter Drysdale, stresses that “economic size matters to political heft”…

Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has warned that “we are now seeing the rise of a new great power. A growing China will pursue its interests globally: that is natural. [But] history is not overburdened with examples of how such transitions in geopolitical and geo-economic realities have been accommodated peacefully. We need a new way forward.”…

Hugh White, professor of strategic studies at the Australian National University…says: “If we plan to get rich on China’s growth, we had better get used to the idea of it as a very powerful state.”…

Paul Monk, co-founder of Austhink Consulting and former head of China analysis for the Defence Intelligence Organisation…concludes: “The challenges we faced from Japan in the early 1940s and the Soviet Union during the Cold War were simple by comparison.” (

Perhaps I should add that other parts of the above article basically indicate that China is bullying the USA and that the USA is putting up with it.  The USA (the only real military hope for Australia) is allowing China to have its way more and more.  Both the USA and Australia are simply getting so much “benefit” from China economically (Australia selling China natural resources, and China financing US deficits) that neither nation believes that it can truly afford to stand up against certain practices from the Chinese that their citizens feel are wrong (both the USA and Australia will make relatively minor protests from time to time, but taking truly strong stands will rarely happen).

Many decades ago, communist Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (the first leader of the old Soviet Union) stated:

The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.

The fact is that while trade is generally a good thing, Australia will likely continue to provide China a lot of the resources it needs in order to ultimately be part of the 200,000,000 man army that the Bible warns about (Revelation 9:13-20).

The Bible also indicates that powers, likely including Australia, will have their lands taken over (cf. Daniel 11:39).  As China already is paying for many resources in Australia, it may decide that it should be able to own them without paying for them.

Australia is vulnerable to China and others as it simply does not have the military strength to oppose such a takeover, should the Chinese and/or others decide to do so.

Without national repentance, the Australia is doomed.  Period.  So is the USA, including Southern California.  And the Canadians, who also are supplying China natural resources, are also vulnerable.

Many do not wish to accept that, either here or in Australia, but it is the truth.  These nations (including Canada) will be taken over, and it may be that China will control part of the land of Australia.

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