Australians Worried About China


Although China has now become Australia’s leading trade partner (China’s ascent sparks rivalry), many Australians are concerned about China.

Dr. Scott Winnail, of the Living Church of God, wrote the following in its latest weekly update:

China’s Growing Global Threat. “ALMOST half of Australians believe that China will become a military threat to Australia within 20 years,” according to a recent Lowy Institute poll. While most Australians appreciate the economic benefits of a relationship with China, most believe that their government has allowed too much Chinese investment in Australia. A majority also feel China’s goal is to dominate the Asian region. The survey revealed that Australians “were positive about China’s economic growth but fearful of its military aims” (The Courier-Mail, May 31, 2010). While Bible prophecy does not indicate that China will “rule the world” prior to Christ’s return, it does inform us that populations of Israelite-descended nations, like Australia, will experience captivity by gentile nations at the end of the age (Amos 5:3; Deuteronomy 28:41-50). God often uses other nations as the “rod of His anger,” in order to get the attention of the people He works with. Egypt and Assyria are two historic nations God has used. Might He also use China to “bring Israel low”? Time will tell, but events certainly appear to be moving in this direction.

The idea that China may end up with Australia is something I have wondered about for some time.  Here is something from my book 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect on that:

There is also an ancient Chinese prophecy that might hint that  areas like Australia and/or New Zealand could end up as part of China…Perhaps it should be mentioned that the dividing of the conquered lands also seems to be foretold in the Bible in Lamentations 4:16 and Joel 3:2.

Here is the ancient Chinese prophecy that the 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect book was referring to:

Population mouth takes territories south of the Yangtze river. The capital is moved again. The two divide up the territories, of which each maintains and defends (Pui-Hua R. Ancient Chinese Prophecies Till the End of the World. AuthorHouse, Bloomington (IN), 2008, p. 164).

This prophecy may be related to a deal that perhaps the Chinese will make in the future with Europe, as opposed to military conquest. It also may not be related to the taking of Australia or New Zealand, but perhaps might be.

Furthermore, notice the following Catholic prophecy:

American Catholic Prophecy (c. early 20th century): The yellow hordes of the Rising Sun and the middle kingdom will pour out their wrath on the people of the island kingdom which had gathered riches through trade (Dupont, Catholic Prophecy: The Coming Chastisement. TAN Books, Rockford (IL), 1973 , p. 78).

Japan is the “land of the rising sun” and China is the “middle kingdom”.  Australia is an island nation that gains wealth through trading.  It may be that the above prophecy is intended toward Australia (and/or possibly New Zealand).

A while back, Australia realized that the it needed to rely on the USA for its defense.  But notice:

There is general recognition among Australian experts that as China grows and the US begins a relative decline, Australia will find itself in the middle of a dangerous struggle for supremacy.

Today Australia’s major trading partner is China. It is the first time in modern Australian history that our major trading partner is not also our major alliance partner. (China’s ascent sparks rivalry)

Some American experts seem to share a similar view:

In the Herald this week, the leading US strategic thinker, Professor John Mearsheimer, wrote: ”China’s ascent is likely to spark an intense security competition with the US [which has] has profound implications for Australia’s own security position.” (China’s ascent sparks rivalry)

China is rising up and the USA is declining militarily relative to it and Europe right now.  This does not bode well for the USA or its allies like Australia.  The implication for Australia is more than profound–the implications are disastrous.

The Bible suggests that the land of the Anglo-descended peoples will be conquered and divided (Daniel 11:39; Lamentations 4:16; Joel 3:2-3; Amos 7:17; Ezekiel 5:1-2,12; 6:8; Ezekiel 22:13-15; )

Without national repentance, the Australia is doomed.  Period.  So is the USA, including Southern California.

Many do not wish to accept that, either here or in Australia, but it is the truth.  These nations will be taken over, and it may be that China will control part of the land.

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