Singapore Improving Military Relations With China


The tiny nation of Singapore has apparently seen “the handwriting on the wall” as it is improving its military relations with China:

China Seeks to Advance Military Ties with Singapore

This move is consistent with biblical prophecy which shows a final alignment and military cooperation between “the kings of the east”.

Singapore was granted sovereignty from the British in 1965.  It has the world’s 9th most foreign reserves which is quite an accomplishment for a small island country with a population of about 5,000,000.  Apparently Singapore does not feel that it should rely completely on the Anglo-powers to assist its defense needs and seems to have seen that China keeps rising (though it will likely have one or more setbacks).  Perhaps they feel that they will do better negotiating with China before China likely ends up with Taiwan.

Since 1980, the concept and strategy of “Total Defence” has been adopted in most aspects of security in Singapore, with the goal of strengthening Singapore against all kinds of threats.  And now that apparently includes more cooperation with China.

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