China Buying Debt

Chinese Renminbi Yuan


China is buying debt:

BEIJING: China has bought $three-billion more worth of US treasury debt and expanded the scope of imports from the US in what are seen as measures that will result in the yuan appreciating against the US dollar — a key demand of the Obama administration.

China’s holdings of treasury bonds rose $846.7 billion in July after two months of decline, the state-run China Daily has reported.

The news allayed concerns that Washington’s largest creditor China was moving away from investing in dollar assets, it said.

Coincidentally, the debt data came out at the same time as two congressional hearings were being held in the US on China’s exchange rate policy of pegging the value of Yuan far lower to dollar than its perceived strength.  (The Hindu Business Line, September 18, 2010.

The purchase probably was not a coincidence as China takes steps to affect USA policy, especially if the USA is discussing the yuan.

While purchase of Japanese debt by the Chinese has alarmed the Japanese, the USA seems to relish these purchases (the Japanese are also still buying US debt).  The Japanese have essentially realized that when China buys Japanese debt, this strengthens the value of the Japanese yen and makes it easier for the Chinese companies that use its yuan to compete against Japan.  And when the Chinese buy US dollar debt, that also strengthens the value of the US dollar and allows Chinese companies to more effectively compete against US ones.

The Chinese have other reasons for buying USA debt, including wishing to be able to better influence US foreign policy as well.  And it has used that power on more than one occasion already.  But the USA still keeps selling debt to China.

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