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In its latest World News & Prophecy UCG’s John Ross Schroeder wrote:

The Enormous Expansion of Chinese Influence: What Does It Portend?…

Kerry Brown, an official of the Asian program of the British Chatham House think tank, states: “China is marching toward regional dominance and that brings it into conflict with India on one flank and Japan on the other. It will at some point become much more active as a military power in that region” (ibid.).

But Mr. Brown does not believe that China necessarily wants conflict. His thoughts are that the Chinese “are seeking a stable international environment within which they can continue their economic development.” Nonetheless, other countries in the general region are understandably worried about China’s intentions. Australia is one.

Australian reaction to China’s growing military

According to Bonnie Malkin, reporting for The Daily Telegraph from Sydney, “Australia is conducting the biggest expansion of its navy since the Second World War and will spend an extra £35 billion on the armed forces over the next 20 years” (“Australia Expands Navy as Chinese Power Grows,” Telegraph.co.uk, May 19, 2009).

It seems highly likely that Australia’s military buildup could very well be related to Chinese expansion. “The potential instability caused by the emergence of China and India as major world powers was cited as the most pressing concern for this military build-up in particular. Australian defence planners are believed to be concerned about China’s growing naval strength and America’s possible retreat as a global power in the decades ahead” (ibid.).

This article goes on to discuss the doubling of Chinese submarine patrols in the past year, calling attention to the extension of China’s navy into Australian territorial waters. While specifically denying any plans for any future war with China, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd stated categorically that his government would “‘make absolutely no apology’ for taking whatever steps were needed to guarantee the country’s security.”

It should also be noted that New Zealand seems to be increasing military cooperation with Australia:

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and his New Zealand counterpart John Key said they had agreed to speed up an “ambitious” unification of the nations’ economies and would also consider establishing a joint military corps  (http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5jhLuFTOgADwXB0uvQTsmAdJc8zaQ).

However, Australia and New Zealand simply do not have the type of military ability to thwart a determined effort by China (especially if supported by a future European power).  Nor is it likely that they ever would in the next decade.

As mentioned here earlier this month, there is an ancient Chinese prophecy that says that China will get some southern land and divide with another (see  Might an Ancient Chinese Prophecy Involve Australia and New Zealand?).  And it is possible that it may end up with some of Australia and/or New Zealand sometime after 2012.  This also seems consistent with a biblical prophecy in Daniel 11:39 where the future King of the North divides certain lands for gain.

China’s growing influence suggests that it will likely end up with some of the lands of Australia and/or New Zealand.  And this seems consistent with various ancient predictions.

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