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Now that the Lisbon Treaty has been signed, the EU is wasting little time to move forward.  Opening embassies has apparently been a priority:

More than 50 EU embassies open across the world
More than 50 European Union embassies have opened across the world since the Lisbon Treaty came into force three weeks ago.

Ultimately, it would seem that EU embassies will replace most, if not all, national embassies for the 27 nations in the EU.

When I was in Europe last (late December 2009-January 17, 2010), I saw EU flags in many places.  While the average person in the EU does not seem to pay a huge amount of attention to the EU per se, they do realize that the EU is affecting them and they are basically slowly getting used to the EU’s influence.

In addition to embassies, the EU is placing itself into “national” politics.  Notice what LCG reported in its latest update:

Will Brussels Make Its Way into National Parliament Sessions? A recent EU proposal suggested allowing EU Members of Parliament to “sit in on” at least one parliamentary session annually in their own nations—basically as advisors. The thought is that they can help national leaders better understand what is transpiring with the EU. Although this might sound helpful on the surface, many are concerned that allowing “unelected officials” to participate in national law-making sessions is dangerous and just another step by the EU to control internal affairs of EU member nations. One British politician, reacting to the potential of the British government backing such an option, put it this way: “Those whose job it is to guard our rights in Westminster seem to be sleepwalking into oblivion” (Mail Online, December 26, 2009). God revealed long ago that, at the time of the end, the “kingdoms” that will comprise the Beast power would willingly “give their power” over to the Beast (Revelation 17:12-13)—perhaps in some type of tradeoff for a high level of authority within the Beast’s governmental structure. Prophecy appears to be speeding up and events are occurring that are bringing about the formation of a powerful entity within Europe. It is remarkable how easily and quickly a centralized European government has acquired the trust and authority over so many nations—without applying much pressure at all!

Slowly, EU politicians and institutions will render more and more “national” decisions of no real relevance.  This is an incredible process that is occurring and it will all come together for biblical prophecy to be fulfilled.  The “beast-power” is being formed in the 21st century–the final King of the North will soon rise up and be revealed.

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