Ronald Weinland’s Sermon, Writings, and Memory



This morning, I listened to much of CGPFK’s Ronald Weinland’s sermon that he gave yesterday in Dallas.

Referring to his earlier writings he stated:

Everything stated in the books are going to come to pass…they are absolute (Weinland R.  Ordinations and Baptisms, pt. 4.  Sermon, Dallas, Texas, January 23, 2010).

But the reality is that much of what he has taught has not come to pass–and certainly not when he claimed it would.  His books simply are not absolute in terms of truth and prophecies (for some details, please check out the article Concerns About Ronald Weinland’s Church of God-Preparing for the Kingdom of God).

Also in his sermon yesterday, he made such claims as:

We need to prepare for massive baptisms…In the church we are going to have an excitement…it’s part of the process…into the millions…baptized–it’s going to take place, it’s all going to happen…And we can be part of it (Weinland R.  Ordinations and Baptisms, pt. 4.  Sermon, Dallas, Texas, January 23, 2010).

The only way that those in CGPFK could be part of millions coming into the true church prior to the return of Jesus Christ is that they leave CGPFK first.  The foundation of CGPFK is false and based upon the rantings of a false prophet.

Apparently Ronald Weinland has an issue with his memory as he neglected to remind his listeners what he taught two years ago about millions of mass conversions.  So, let me remind those who may not recall or know about it as this is the same Ronald Weinland whose church posted the following in mid-March 2008:

Questions and Answers

As God continues to open the minds of increasing numbers of people, we have come to a time when we are no longer able to handle the growing volume of e-mail and letters. We do not have the resources or manpower to continue answering all questions, therefore, we are compelled to respond by sending “Form Letters.” Those who are genuine about their calling will follow the instruction that is given and will receive the kind of help necessary to properly respond to God.

Over the weeks and few months that follow, God will begin drawing millions to His truth and to repentance. As God does this, it is not His will that people question what He is giving, but that people search out what He has so mercifully made available to them.

And of course, that did not happen.  CGPFK has not had a work that had millions repent (it would shock me if over 1000 really did–though many thousands have had prophetic curiosity about Ron Weinland and CGPFK).

The one absolute about Ronald Weinland is that he is a false prophet.  But despite this, he still has a following.  Enough so, that I feel compelled to report on what he actually teaches so that those truly interested in the truth of the Bible will not be misled by him.

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