EU official seemingly blaming UK for making ‘peace organisation’ EU a warring organization because of Syria

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At least one EU governmental official seems to be blaming Britain for getting the EU to be more warlike:

Preparing For War In The Middle East
The US is pushing Europe to more involvement in the Middle East.

BRUSSELS – The US has endorsed an Anglo-French proposal to let EU countries arm Syrian rebels, but Israel is against the move.

The talks saw a clash between British foreign minister William Hague and Austria’s Michael Spindelegger.

France supported the UK, but took a back seat when its minister left early for another meeting in Paris.

Hague told press afterward: “We have brought an end to the EU arms embargo on the opposition.”

He said: “This decision gives us the flexibility in future to respond to a worsening situation or the refusal of the [Syrian] regime to negotiate.”…

Spindelegger branded the outcome a failure.

He described Britain’s negotiating tactics as “deplorable” and “annoying.”

He said most ministers had wanted to keep the arms ban for now but to review it in August.

He also said the EU is a “peace organisation,” but if countries start to take sides in civil wars it will “fundamentally” alter the nature of EU foreign policy.

Notice that Austria’s Michael Spindelegger considers that the European Union is a “peace organisation” and that what the UK has helped impose will ‘fundamentally’ change the EU.

While the EU does not think it is a warring organization (cf. Isaiah 10:7), the Bible shows that it will end up as one (Isaiah 10:5-11).  It will also takeover the UK, and perhaps will partially blame the UK for that as well.  Calling UK tactics annoying and deplorable also shows a low level of respect for Britain.

As far as the tiny nation of Israel goes, at some point in time it will feel so much pressure that it will accept a claimed ‘peace deal’ (Daniel 9:27) in involving Europe (Daniel 9:26) that will ultimately result in it getting taken over (Daniel 11:31,39-43).  But that time is still for the future (for information on the ‘peace deal, etc. see When Will the Great Tribulation Begin? 2013, 2014, or 2015?).

Europe, despite its hesitations, is starting to become a bit more militaristic.  The Bible shows that it will become a major military power in the future (Revelation 13:4, Daniel 11:39-43).

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