UK Blocks Proposed EU Military HQ

Palace of Westminster in London


The Britain is again taking a different stance than many other nations in the EU:

U.K. Rejects Idea of EU Operations HQ

Defense News – July 18, 2011

BRUSSELS – The U.K. has strongly rejected the idea of a European Union operations headquarters for planning and carrying out EU military and civil missions abroad…

Foreign Affairs Minister William Hague, describing the proposal…conceded that most EU member states were in favor of it, but said the decision would have to be taken by unanimity…

the U.K. felt that such a headquarters “would duplicate NATO structures and permanently disassociate EU planning with NATO planning,” and “would likely be a much more costly solution than existing structures.”

This is an interesting development for a couple of reasons.

First, it represents yet another occasion where the UK is going against the goals of the EU.  But secondly, and perhaps more importantly, it will help insure that NATO will hobble along longer.

I have long suspected that it may be partially under the guise of a joint NATO exercise taking place in North America that will be partially how the Europeans will be able to successfully attack the USA.  And once the USA is out of the way, the UK will not be able to stand against the EU itself.

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