EU Nations Calling for Stronger Presidency, Elimination of UK Veto, and European Army

Guido Westerwelle


Some in the EU are calling for another type of reorganization, including a common military:

Europe’s most powerful countries call for elected EU president
Germany, France and nine other of Europe’s most powerful countries have called for an elected European Union president and an end to Britain’s veto over defence policy in a radical blueprint mapping out the continent’s future.

Germany wants a federal Europe but where UK has no veto

By: Information Daily Staff Writer
Published: Wednesday, September 19, 2012

11 EU foreign ministers have unveiled proposals for a common defense and foreign policy to be decided by super qualified majority of member states.

Led by Germany’s Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, foreign ministers of France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Portugal and Luxembourg were part of the “Future of Europe” group that developed radical proposals to solve the long term European crisis.  However, not all members of the group signed up to every the proposal…

The most radical proposal was the call for a common foreign and defence policy… “Aim for a European defence policy with joint efforts regarding the defence industry (eg the creation of a single market for armament projects); for some members of the group this could eventually involve a European army.”

This would mean a fundamental change to current European treaties…They suggest that instead of unanimity, the treaty changes should be done by a super qualified majority. This means the UK will not have a veto. (Germany wants a federal Europe but where UK has no veto By: Information Daily. September 19, 2012.

What is being discussed is consistent with the long-held COG view that Europe will reorganize, the UK will find itself on the outs, and Europe will become a major military power.
The Bible tells of a military power arising in Europe (Revelation 13:4; Daniel 11:38-43).  Steps to lay the groundwork for that are happening.
The Bible also teaches that prior to the return of Jesus Christ that Europe will have problems (Daniel 2:41-43), ultimately become a real economic power (Revelation 18), restructure (Revelation 17:12), give its power to a leader called the Beast (Revelation 17:13), who is also the military-political leader called the King of the North in Daniel 11:38-43, and have issues with the Anglo-American power (cf. Daniel 11:39).
The news item this post is discussing is consistent with those biblical prophecies.

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