France Wants Greater EU Military

Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France
French President Nicolas Sarkozy


Nicolas Sarkozy, the president of France and the co-president of the Union of Mediterranean States (see Deal Leading to Psalm 83?) wants a stronger European military:

France Presses EU to Revamp Defense Structures
Deutsche Welle – Oct 1, 2008

EU defense ministers have kicked off a two-day meeting in France. The French would like to see member states overhaul the way they cooperate militarily. But is anyone lining up to salute?

As the defense ministers gathered in the French resort of Deauville, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who also holds the European Union’s revolving presidency, set the tone for what he hopes will be a historical summit.

“How can Europe be a political power that speaks with a strong voice if it isn’t in a position to defend itself or take the appropriate measures to enact its defense policies,” Sarkozy asked rhetorically.

The main aim of the summit, which runs until Thursday, Oct. 2, is to create a rapid reaction force of 50-60,000 soldiers that could be deployed in the interests of EU security.

EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana also thinks the time has come for radical changes.

“One of the most important things the European Union has to do is to act in real time,” Solana said ahead of the summit. “If you have a crisis or a political problem in the world and you don’t deal with it rapidly, you waste time, money and the lives, probably, of people.”

France would also like to see the creation of a general chief of staff office in Brussels to oversee the force…Brussels and Moscow were in a clinch over Russian’s military incursions into Georgia…

Nonetheless, the Maastricht Treaty stipulates that the bloc have a common defense and security policy, and European military missions have proved successful in recent years.

Most notably, a 1,800-person EUFOR force has successfully taken over responsibility for maintaining peace in Kosovo from its UN predecessor. Backers of reform hope that could help overcome resistance by some member states, particularly Britain, to further integrating the EU’s military capabilities.

Back to NATO

Reform backers stress that a European force would be a supplement to, and not a replacement for, NATO. And NATO may be France’s best card for pushing through changes.,2144,3683351,00.html

Russia’s attitude towards the EU and Georgia will undoubtedly have a role in the EU deciding that it has no choice but to have a much stronger military (see also European Fears and Military Ramifications).

Essentially, by combining European military forces, American military technologies (which it receives especially as part of NATO), its developing Galileo system (see EU Approves Galileo For Military Use), and what it will develop on its own (possibly also including from the Large Hadron Collider, see Why Prophecy? Because the World Will NOT End Next Week from the Large Hadron Collider), in several years the Europeans will become a major military power.

Especially as the USA finds that it cannot afford to have as much relative military might as it now has.

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